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"My brother wants to send a letter to a girl who likes books. You'll help him, won't you?" —Nina

Zeph and Mercedes (I) is a side story in Octopath Traveler. It is activated by speaking to Nina inside Zeph's and Nina's house after Alfyn's and Cyrus's stories have been completed.

Use the Purchase/Steal Path Action to obtain the Letter from Zeph from Zeph inside the house. Travel to the Atlasdam Palace Gate and enter the Royal Library to the west.

The story ends once the Letter from Zeph is given to Mercedes, located behind the desk.

My dear Mercedes.  How have you been?
It's been eight years since you left.
Whenever I close my eyes, I imagine what your days so far must be like.
Remember when we used to read together in Clearbrook?

We used to exchange our favorite books.
The ones you gave me left such an impression on me.
Remember the waterblooms?  I know you loved them so.
Being with you always made my heart feel... full.
So when the time came, I couldn't just say "goodbye." I regret it now.

Since then, I've become the town apothecary.
What are you doing?  Where are you?
I'm sure you've had some hard times over the past few years...
But I hope your days have also been filled with happiness.
I miss you and wish you all the best, wherever you are.
Oh, and I've got so many good books to tell you about!

Zeph's letter reached Mercedes, and the two childhood friends realized the feelings they shared for one another went beyond mere friendship.



  • The typical notice "So ends the tale of Zeph and Mercedes (I)" does not appear upon completion as it is overridden by the message that the next chapter, Zeph and Mercedes (II), begins.
  • Zeph and Mercedes (I) does not reward anything upon completion.
  • Upon completion of the side story Zeph is relocated to the outside of his house.

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