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"You are to share nothing! That wisdom is for the academy, and the academy alone!" —Yvon

Yvon is a character in Octopath Traveler. He is the surly headmaster of the Royal Academy of Atlasdam. He is later revealed to be the secondary antagonist of Cyrus’ story as he co-conspired with Lucia to steal the tome From the Far Reaches of Hell, and commissioned its translation by Dominic so that he could unlock its magic secrets. He is the boss in Chapter 3 of Cyrus’ story.



Yvon wears a black scholar’s coat and has dark hair and, notably, red eyes.

Upon using the blood-crystal, he becomes a hulking figure with pale skin and a glowing heart and veins.


Yvon possesses an obsession with seeking knowledge, similar to that of Cyrus and his assistant, Lucia. However, unlike Cyrus, he does not believe in sharing knowledge with others, instead believing that knowledge is to be seeked for personal gain.

As headmaster of the Royal Academy, Yvon initially appears to be a strict and short-tempered man—angrily shouting at Cyrus that the knowledge in the Academy’s special archives are not to be shared with any outsiders—but is reasonable enough to respect Cyrus’ intelligence and thirst for knowledge despite their disagreements on how knowledge should be used, and to understand that firing Cyrus over a rumor of an illicit relationship with Princess Mary would be the equivalent of declaring him guilty and damaging the Academy’s reputation. Eventually, he, Lucia and Cyrus reach an agreement that Cyrus will instead be placed on extended leave. However, it is later revealed that his surly personality goes far deeper than that, and he is in reality an utterly ruthless man who would go so far as to commit murder if it means achieving his goals to obtain power gained from knowledge and use it for evil.

Yvon is not a humble man by any means, which leads to his own defeat when he fails to realize that the blood-crystal Lucia gave him is an incomplete one and that she intended to use him to obtain power from the From the Far Reaches of Hell tome for herself once he unlocked its secrets all along.


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The following section contains potential story spoilers!

15 years before the events of Octopath Traveler, Yvon was introduced to Lyblac by one of his students, Lucia. Lyblac convinced Yvon to assassinate the previous headmaster and take his position, with Lucia becoming his assistant. With that, the two were able to steal the tome From the Far Reaches of Hell from the archives. Yvon had this tome translated by Dominic and set to work bringing about the infernal knowledge locked within.

During his time as headmaster, Yvon has Cyrus sent away on sabbatical due to the apparent rumors that he had entered an illicit relationship with Princess Mary. These rumors were falsely reported to him by Therese. Cyrus resolves to search for the lost tome From the Far Reaches of Hell during his time away from the school.

When Cyrus’s investigations of the tome’s whereabouts lead him to Stonegard, Yvon has Lucia lure him to his birthplace in an attempt to dispose of him, but he is rescued by Therese from imprisonment. Yvon then kidnaps Therese and attempts to kill her, but is confronted by Cyrus. Using a blood-crystal (later revealed to be flawed) given to him by Lucia, he transforms into a monster and engages him in battle, but is defeated and disintegrates into smoke.

At the Gate of Finis the party battles what appears to be Yvon’s ghost. After its destruction it leaves behind a tome containing his thoughts post-death. It chronicles how Lucia and Lyblac came into his life, his accession to headmaster and stealing the book, and finally his rage in realizing that in the end he was nothing but their disposable pawn, while berating himself for his own lack of foresight.

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Yvon begins the battle with 3 shields. After each break, Yvon will recover with 5, then 8, and finally 12 shields. Recovering from his first and second breaks will also reveal one additional weakness.

Yvon will begin battle with 2 Research Fellows at his side.

At 50% health, Yvon will gain a permanent Buff Increased Critical.png Increased Critical buff.

  • Attack: Physical attack, single target.
  • Intimidate: Physical attack, single target. Chance to inflict Status Silence.png Silence for 4 turns.
  • Thrash: Physical attack, targets entire party.
  • Physical Augmentation: Buff. Yvon gains Buff Increased Physical Attack.png Increased Physical Attack and Buff Increased Physical Defense.png Increased Physical Defense for 4 turns.
  • Yvon's physical strength has been augmented!: Used once Yvon recovers from the first three breaks.
    • First recovery increases shields to 5 and adds Fire as an additional weakness.
    • Second recovery increases shields to 8 and adds Ice as an additional weakness.
    • Third recovery increases shields to maximum of 12.
  • Yvon is losing control of his body...: Used once Yvon hits 50% of his maximum HP. Grants Yvon a permanent Buff Increased Critical.png Increased Critical buff and access to the abilities Pulverize and Shatter Soul.
  • Pulverize: Heavy physical attack, single target. Drains all BP.
  • Shatter Soul: Heavy physical attack, single target. Drains SP.


"You will taste the power I summoned from the far reaches of hell!" —To Cyrus



Yvon is derived from the French name Yves. Deriving from iv (yew/tree)

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