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Warmaster is a secret job in Octopath Traveler that wields all physical weapons.


Each basic skill costs 2000JP, with the divine skill costing 5000JP

Name SP Damage Type Description
Guardian Liondog 35 Type Swords.png Unleash 5 to 10 sword attacks against random foes.
Tiger Rage 35 Type Axes.png Unleash an axe attack on all foes.
Qilin's Horn 35 Type Polearms.png Unleash a polearm attack on a single foe.
Yatagarasu 35 Type Daggers.png Unleash a dagger attack on all foes.
Fox Spirit 35 Type Staves.png Unleash a staff attack on all foes.
Phoenix Storm 35 Type Bows.png Unleash a bow attack on a single foe.
Nightmare Chimera 35 Unleash an attack on a single foe using a weapon of your choice. The weapon will be destroyed.
Winnehild's Battle Cry 50 Type Swords.pngType Polearms.pngType Daggers.pngType Axes.pngType Staves.pngType Bows.png [Divine Skill] Wield six weapons to unleash six attacks on all foes


Name Description
4 Extra Experience Gain additional experience from battles. (Equipping this skill with multiple characters will have no added effect.)
5 Stalwart Defense Enhances physical defense by 50.
6 Fortitude Deal more damage the lower your current HP is.
7 Physical Prowess Augments physical attack and defense during battle.


Main article: Shrine of the Warbringer

This job can be found at the altar within the Shrine of the Warbringer, which is west of Riverford. The path leading to the dungeon is near the entrance to South Orewell Pass from North Riverford Traverse. The path is not hidden and is directly south. Once at the Shrine you will have to defeat Winnehild, Warbringer in order to have the job unlocked.


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