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Vanessa Hysel is a character in Octopath Traveler. She is a fraud Apothecary who deliberately gives her patients medicine with harmful side-effects so that she can sell the remedy at premium prices. She is the second boss of Alfyn's story.



Vanessa has dark-purple hair in the style of a ponytail. Her left eye is obscured by her hair, a clue to her sly personality.


Vanessa originally came off as a highly acclaimed Apothecary in Goldshore for curing the residents of a plague that had struck the town, gaining the people's trust and respect. She appeared to hold the same philosophy as Alfyn in that every life is worth saving and that people's gratitude is enough payment and satisfaction for her.

However, this is later revealed to be nothing more than a façade. Vanessa is, in actuality, a devious and conniving young woman who took advantage of the people's lack of knowledge in the arts of medicine for her own profit, giving them medicine with dangerous side-effects on purpose so as to sell a remedy at high prices. She cares very little if nothing for her patients, viewing them as flasks that are to be thrown away once they are no longer able to provide her the revenue she so greedily seeks out.

After her defeat and imprisonment by Alfyn and his group, she resolved to turn over a new leaf, possibly due to the after-effects of the slumberthorn Alfyn induced in her. She now sells genuine medicine of very good quality, albeit still at high prices, a remnant of her past self.


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(I don't think this is where I should be going at the moment...)
The following section contains potential story spoilers!

Vanessa is first seen in Goldshore giving medicine to a sick girl with a fever. She then departed for the Manor District up north to help the upper class citizens. After treating them, hearing their thanks and giving a speech about helping others in need, she then met Alfyn, who had heard about her work from before. After a friendly chat between the two, they went their separate ways.

A short time later, she was once again confronted by the upper class citizens, who state that their loved ones would not stop coughing. After she diagnosed it as the "Gaborra whooping cough", she offered them a tonic that will cure it overnight, however due to the rarity of the key ingredient, which was glowworm moss, she charged 100,000 leaves per phial. As the aristocrats are able to pay for the medicine, she is confronted by Marlene, whose daughter also has the cough, and offered her her savings, which was significantly less than her price for the medicine. However, Vanessa refused to accomodate her, and turned her attention back to the aristocrats, noting she was almost sold out and had to restock on more ingredients, departing the town to the Caves of Azure.

Inside the cave with her sellsword group, she began harvesting the moss when she was confronted once again by Alfyn and his companions. After revealing her selfish desires, she engaged them in battle with her group, only to be defeated. As she feigned repentance, she attempted to escape, but was stopped by Alfyn, who used slumberthorn to knock her out for the guards to take into custody.

Once Alfyn's fourth chapter is completed, Vanessa can be found in the Undertow Cove, where one can either purchase or steal a Battle-tested Dagger from her.



The two were originally on good terms upon first encountering each other in the port town of Goldshore and seemed to share the philosophy of helping those in need regardless of circumstances. However, once Alfyn caught on to her scheme of taking advantage of the people's ignorance in the arts of medicine for her own profit, Vanessa viewed Alfyn as a threat to her "business" and sought his life immediately with the aid of her hired hands. In the end, this plan failed and Vanessa was brought to justice, with her cursing him all the way until being put to sleep and placed in custody.

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Vanessa fights with two Sellswords. Her shields cannot be broken until they are defeated.
  • Attack: Physical attack, single target.
  • Concoct Stimulant: Buff. Augments Vanessa and all Sellswords with Buff Increased Physical Attack.png Increased Physical Attack for 4 turns.
  • Concoct Sedative: Single target. Chance of inflicting Status Sleep.png Sleep.
  • Concoct Poison: Single target. Chance of inflicting Status Poison.png Poison.
  • Concoct Explosive: Elemental damage, Type Fire.png. Targets entire party.
  • Huff and Puff: Physical attack, single target.
  • Concoct Restorative: Can only be used if Sellswords have been defeated. Attempts to revive Sellswords.
    • Vanessa called for help!: Summons two Sellswords at full health to protect Vanessa. Vanessa's shields cannot be broken until they are defeated. Can only be used once.
    • But Vanessa was out of ingredients...: No effect. Concoct Restorative fails if used more than once.

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  • Slice: Physical attack on one enemy.
  • Sideswipe: Physical attack on all enemies.

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Vanessa Hysel is a townsperson in Octopath Traveler. She can be found in the Undertow Cove after Alfyn's Chapter 4 tale has been completed.


Location: Undertow Cove
Conditions: Alfyn Chapter 4 completed
Vanessa Hysel Undertow Cove Location.jpg

Path Actions[]

Path Action Inquire.png Inquire/Path Action Scrutinize.png Scrutinize

Path Action Inquire.png Minimum Level: 40

Path Action Scrutinize.png Base Probability: 50
After the incident with Alfyn, she decided to leave her criminal life behind, but continues to sell her tonics at a high price. As the daughter of a famous apothecary, her knowledge of the field is vast, and the quality of her medicines are well worth the price.
Information Gleaned:


Scrutinize Failure: Hey! Stop that, you deviant!

Path Action Guide.png Guide/Path Action Allure.png Allure

Path Action Guide.png Minimum Level: 20

Path Action Allure.png Base Probability: 30
Strength: Strength 5.png
Summonable: 7
HP: 1,698
Cover Rate: 0%
Stats: Physical Attack 292
Physical Defense 292
Accuracy 999
Critical 256
Elemental Attack 282
Elemental Defense 280
Evasion 256
Speed 256
Skills: Concoct Explosive


Guide Success: I promise to follow a path that is straight and true.
Guide Release: I still cannot seem to find the answers that I seek.
Allure Success: Oh, you are so beautiful...
Allure Failure: H-hey! Stop immediately!
Allure Release: Yes, if it will help your cause, I will gladly leave you be.

Path Action Challenge.png Challenge/Path Action Provoke.png Provoke

Path Action Challenge.png Minimum Level: 10

Strength: Strength 5.png
HP: 8,000
Shields: 4
Weak: Type Polearms.pngType Axes.pngType Fire.pngType Wind.pngType Dark.png
Stats: Physical Attack 270
Physical Defense 250
Accuracy 112
Critical 112
Elemental Attack 300
Elemental Defense 280
Evasion 112
Speed 61
Leaf: LeafLeaf 200
EXP: 150
JP: 25
Drop: Olive of Life (M) (30)


Challenge Initiate: If you underestimate me, you're going to end up getting hurt.
Provoke Initiate: I have just the thing to deal with such monsters!
Provoke Loss: Hey! Stop that! Don't you know how dangerous that is!?

Path Action Purchase.png Purchase/Path Action Steal.png Steal
Item Price Steal Lvl
Item Olives.png Olive of Life (L) LeafLeaf 24,000 41
Item Default.png Noxroot LeafLeaf 6 13
Type Daggers.png Battle-tested Dagger LeafLeaf 86,400 77


Purchase Talk: Oho! Please come again sometime.
Steal Talk: Hey! Stop that, you deviant!



"Wh-what is wrong with you!? I didn’t do anything to deserve this!" —Speaking to Vanessa (Undertow Cove)
"Oho! Please come again sometime." —Purchase
"I promise to follow a path that is straight and true." —Guide
"Oh, you are so beautiful..." —Allure
"I still cannot seem to find the answers that I seek." —Part Ways (Ophilia)
"Yes, if it will help your cause, I will gladly leave you be." —Part Ways (Primrose)
"If you underestimate me, you’re going to end up getting hurt." —Challenge
"I have just the thing to deal with such monsters!" —Provoke
"H-hey! Stop immediately!" —Failure
"Hey! Stop that! Don’t you know how dangerous that is?" —Failure



  • Vanessa is a name of Irish origin, coined by the Anglo-Irish writer Jonathan Swift (1667–1745) in 1713 when he wrote his poem Cadenus and Vanessa, which wasn't published until 1726. However, the name didn't become popular until over 200 years later, in the mid-20th century. Hysel is a possible pun in that Vanessa "sells" her remedies for the illnesses she intentionally induces for "high" prices.
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