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Tough Nut increases a traveler's Phys. Def stat.

Stat Increase[]

Phys. Def Tough Nut Size
Traveler (S) (M) (L)
Ophilia 7 14 28
Cyrus 6.3 12.6 25.2
Tressa 7 14 28
Olberic 7.7 15.4 30.8
Primrose 4.9 9.8 19.6
Alfyn 7 14 28
Therion 5.6 11.2 22.4
H'aanit 5.6 11.2 22.4


Size Total Location Method Details
4 Carrion Caves Purple Chest Lower right corner
Cobbleston Side Story Noelle, Seeker of Knowledge (I)
Flamesgrace Side Story The Innocent Inmate
Path of Beasts Red Chest South at first intersection
(M) 5 Duskbarrow Steal/Purchase Village Headman
Stonegard Side Story Noelle, Seeker of Knowledge (II)
Stonegard Steal/Purchase Female Townsperson, entrance of town
Victors Hollow Steal/Purchase Ned (Must complete Olberic Chapter 4)
Wellspring Steal/Purchase Bale (During Olberic Chapter 3, or after completing Olberic Chapter 4)
(L) 4 Everhold Side Story Noelle, Seeker of Knowledge (III)
Goldshore Steal/Purchase Ellen (During Alfyn Chapter 2, or after completing Alfyn Chapter 4)
Riverford Steal/Purchase Elderly Man
Riverford Steal/Purchase Male Townsperson

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