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"The price to use the mill's gone up again! But it's not like I can mill my wheat without a windmill... What am I supposed to do?" —Slender Farmer

Tilting at Windmills is a side story in Octopath Traveler. It is activated by speaking to the Slender Farmer in Wispermill.

Use the Challenge/Provoke Path Action to defeat Bryan in Sunshade Tavern.

Convinced of his own wrongdoing, Bryan, the owner of the windmills, lowered his prices back to their original cost.

Alternatively, travel to Atlasdam and locate a man named Dan who designed a new model of a windmill and is looking for people to try it out. Use the Guide/Allure Path Action to bring him to the Slender Farmer.

Dan successfully introduced his new windmill to the townspeople, who were overjoyed with both its quality and affordability.



  • Dan and Bryan appear only after completing Chapter 1 of Cyrus and Primrose respectively.
  • Upon completion of the side story via Challenge/Provoke route Bryan is relocated outside of the tavern.
  • Upon completion of the side story via Guide/Allure route Slender Farmer is relocated to Atlasdam.
  • This side story can be completed early in the game, but only by challenging/provoking Bryan. When he is defeated, player gets the reward and the log in journal, though Slender Farmer isn't even present in Wispermill. However, finishing the side story this way makes her appear. She acts normally despite other villagers being hostile.

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