Thief (盗賊(とうぞく), Touzoku) is a job class in Octopath Traveler.


Skill SP Damage Type Description
Steal 2 Steal an item from a single foe.
Wildfire 7 Type Fire Deal heavy fire damage to a single foe.
HP Thief 6 Type Daggers Attack a single foe twice with a dagger, and steal HP equivalent to half of the damage dealt.
Shackle Foe 4 Reduce a single foe's physical attack strength for 2 turns.
Armor Corrosive 4 Reduce a single foe's physical defense for 2 turns.
Steal SP 6 Type Daggers Attack a single foe twice with a dagger and steal SP equivalent to 5% of damage dealt.
Share SP 0 Bestow SP equivalent to 50% of one's current SP to a single ally.
Aeber's Reckoning 30 Type Daggers [Divine Skill] Attack all foes with a dagger, dealing damage proportional to your speed.

Support SkillsEdit

Name Description
4 Incidental Attack When using a non-damaging skill on a foe, there is a 50% chance you will attack as well.
5 Fleetfoot Increases the equipping character's speed by 50.
6 Snatch The Equipping character will receive double the loot when using steal or collect skills.
7 Insult to Injury Status ailments and attribute penalties inflicted by the equipping character will last for one additional turn.


Main article: Shrine of the Prince of Thieves

Shrine of the Prince of Thieves may be found in the South Quarrycrest Pass, to the West under the Westernmost bridge.

Notable ThievesEdit


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