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"Findin' the lost loot of House Landar will be my ticket into the exclusive League of Gentlemen Discoverers!" —Passionate Youth

The Hidden Hoard is a side story in Octopath Traveler. It is activated by speaking to the Passionate Youth standing to the east of the square in Riverford. He is present only after Ophilia's Chapter 4 is completed.

Travel to Atlasdam. Use the Purchase/Steal Path Action to obtain House Landar Records from the Erstwhile Retainer, located to the south of the city entrance.

The story ends once the House Landar Records are given to the Passionate Youth.

The youth felt like his luck was changing once he got his hands on the House Landar Records, and decided to dedicate his time to pursuing his dream of treasure hunting.

Alternatively, travel to Stonegard Heights in Stonegard. Use the Inquire/Scrutinize Path Action to glean The Fall of House Landar from the Erstwhile Bodyguard, standing on the East side of the fountain.

The story ends once The Fall of House Landar is shared with the Passionate Youth.

Upon learning of House Landar's penniless plight, the young man gave up on his dreams of treasure hunting and returned to life on the farm.



  • The League of Gentlemen Discoverers is most likely a reference to the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
  • Upon completion of the side story via Purchase/Steal route Passionate Youth is relocated to Refuge Ruins and becomes Passionate Explorer.
  • Upon completion of the side story via Inquire/Scrutinize route Passionate Youth is relocated to Wispermill and becomes Passionate Farmer.

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