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Ailments are effects that attacks can cause various positive or negative changes in the battle.  

In Battle[]

Status effects cause various detrimental effects on the afflicted target. Each effect is represented by an icon and turn number. When the number reaches 0, the status is removed. Turn numbers can stack up to a maximum of 9 turns.

Ailments can be instantly removed with its respective herb, or by using the Apothecary's Rehabilitate skill. They can also be prevented entirely using specific accessories.

Stat changes can be canceled out by using a buffing or debuffing skill with the opposite effect (e.g. if the enemy used Augmentation (Increase Physical Attack), Shackle Foe (Decrease Physical Attack) will bring their physical attack back to normal). They can be prevented using the effects of Celestial Intervention.

Status ailments and stat changes do not remain after battle.


Ailments have specific interactions with certain skills and are distinct from Debuffs. For instance, H'aanit's Capture is more successful if the enemy is afflicted by an ailment (but not a Debuff); similarly, the Warrior support skill Endure activates when the user is afflicted by ailment (but not a Debuff).

Most ailments have a unique visual cue: when allies are subjected to it, their character model will look injured and they will lament their injury in the audio cue that plays when they act. This cue also plays while the user is at Critical HP threshold (below 1/3 of their max HP). The only exception is Petrification, which has its own unique visual cue.

Effect Description Remedy Prevention
Status Poison.png Poison Target receives damage equal to a portion of its maximum HP after each action. Herb of Healing Cures a single ally of poison Antidote Stone Equip: Prevents poison
Status Silence.png Silence Target cannot use skills. Herb of Clamor Cures a single ally of silence Articulate Stone Equip: Prevents silence
Status Blindness.png Blindness Target's Accuracy drops significantly. Herb of Light Cures a single ally of blindness Bright Stone Equip: Prevents blindness
Status Confusion.png Confusion Target will attack random targets in place of their normal action. The effect will be removed once the target is hit with a physical attack. Herb of Clarity Cures a single ally of confusion Clarity Stone Equip: Prevents confusion
Status Sleep.png Sleep Target loses their turn. Removed upon taking damage. Herb of Awakening Awakens a single sleeping ally Wakeful Stone Equip: Prevents sleep
Status Terror.png Terror Target cannot Boost and does not gain BP at the beginning of the turn. Herb of Valor Cures a single ally of terror Calming Stone Equip: Prevents terror
Status Unconsciousness.png Unconsciousness Target loses their turn. Herb of Revival Revives a single unconscious ally Conscious Stone Equip: Prevents unconscious
Status Petrification.png Petrification Inflicted exclusively by Redeye and the Omniscient Eye. Target is prevented from taking any actions. Petrified allies who become incapacitated (reduced to 0 HP) cannot return to battle. Herb-of-grace Potion Cures a single individual of petrification None
Status Peerless Poison.png Peerless Poison Inflicted exclusively by the Venomtooth Tiger and the Omniscient Eye. Target receives damage equivalent to 1/6th of their maximum HP and 1/6 of their Max SP, as well as losing 1 BP after each action. Herb of Healing Cures a single ally of poison Antidote Stone Equip: Prevents poison

Stat Changes[]


Buff Description Sources
Buff Increased Physical Attack.png Increased Physical Attack Target deals 1.5x physical damage Abide
Lions Dance
Bewildering Grace (%)
Buff Increased Elemental Attack.png Increased Elemental Attack Target deals 1.5x elemental damage Peacock Strut
Buff Increased Physical Defense.png Increased Physical Defense Target receives 0.67x physical damage. Stout Wall
Mole Dance
Hired Help (Mercenary)
Buff Increased Elemental Defense.png Increased Elemental Defense Target receives 0.67x elemental damage. Sheltering Veil
Buff Increased Accuracy.png Increased Accuracy Target's Accuracy increased by 1.5x. Take Aim
Buff Increased Critical.png Increased Critical Target's Critical increased by 1.5x. Take Aim
Buff Increased Speed.png Increased Speed Target's Speed increased by 1.5x. Panther Dance
Buff Increased Evasion.png Increased Evasion Target's Evasion increased by 1.5x. Starsong


Debuff Description Sources
Debuff Decreased Physical Attack.png Decreased Physical Attack Target deals 0.67x physical damage. Shackle Foe
Debuff Decreased Elemental Attack.png Decreased Elemental Attack Target deals 0.67x elemental damage.
Debuff Decreased Physical Defense.png Decreased Physical Defense Target receives 1.5x physical damage. Armor Corrosive
Debuff Decreased Elemental Defense.png Decreased Elemental Defense Target receives 1.5x elemental damage. Elemental Break
Debuff Decreased Accuracy.png Decreased Accuracy Target's Accuracy decreased by 0.67x.
Debuff Decreased Critical.png Decreased Critical Target's Critical decreased by 0.67x.
Debuff Decreased Speed.png Decreased Speed Target's Speed decreased by 0.67x.
Debuff Decreased Evasion.png Decreased Evasion Target's Evasion decreased by 0.67x.



Buff Description Sources
Buff BP Boost.png BP Boost Gain 2 BP per turn instead of 1. Follows normal BP gain rules. BP Boost
Buff Celestial Intervention.png Celestial Intervention Confers immunity to attribute penalties and debuffs. Celestial Intervention
Buff Divination.png Divination Physical attacks always critically hit. Divination
Buff Incite.png Incite Single target attacks will always target this character. Incite
Buff Invincibility.png Invincibility Immunity to all damage and negative effects. Supreme Luck of the Cait

Beast Lore (Invincible Cleave)

Buff Regen HP.png Regen HP Recover 10% of max HP at the end of each action. Ethereal Healing

Nameless Panacea
Vim and Vigor
Beastly Scarf Equip: Restores HP after every action
Battle-tested Shield

Buff Regen SP.png Regen SP Recover 5% of max SP at the end of each action. Second Wind

Dragon's Scarf Equip: Restores SP after every action
Battle-tested Shield

Buff Rehabilitate.png Rehabilitate Confers immunity to status ailments Rehabilitate

Curious Mist

Stackable Buffs[]

Instead of having an explicit duration, these buffs apply stacks on the target that are removed when an effect is triggered. Effects can stack up to 9 times.

Buff Description Sources
Buff Moon's Reflection.png Counterattack Counter in response to physical damage received. Moon's Reflection

Beast Lore (Supreme Luck of the Cait) Beast Lore (Retaliative Posture)
Beast Lore (Retaliative Axe)

Buff Encore.png Encore Once per battle, upon being incapacitated, revive with 25% of maximum HP. Encore

Beast Lore (Supreme Luck of the Cait)

Buff Reflective Veil.png Reflective Veil Reflect an elemental attack back on its attacker. Reflective Veil

Beast Lore (Supreme Luck of the Cait)
Bewildering Grace (%)

Buff Sidestep.png Sidestep Dodge a single physical attack with a 100% success rate. Buff is removed after attack is dodged. Sidestep

Curious Balm+


Debuff Description Sources
Debuff Celestial Intervention.png Celestial Intervention Prevents afflicted from receiving any buffs. Celestial Intervention

Bizarre Incense

Debuff Leghold Trap.png Leghold Trap All actions of the affected move to the end of the turn (unless recovering from Break). Leghold Trap

Curious Incense

Debuff Toxic Rainbow.png Toxic Rainbow All Travelers maximum HP decreases after each action. Overhealed HP is lost in the process. Used by Ogre Eagle and Abyssal Maw


Used exclusively by the Runelord job. Elemental runes grant an additional elemental attack after each physical attack. Skills and boosted attacks only trigger once. All runes are considered as buffs, so Debuff Celestial Intervention.png Celestial Intervention (Enemy), used by Dreisang and Steorra, affects them.

Buff Description Sources
Buff Fire Rune.png Fire Rune Weapons the user attacks with will deal additional fire damage. Fire Rune
Buff Ice Rune.png Ice Rune Weapons the user attacks with will deal additional ice damage. Ice Rune
Buff Thunder Rune.png Thunder Rune Weapons the user attacks with will deal additional lightning damage. Thunder Rune
Buff Wind Rune.png Wind Rune Weapons the user attacks with will deal additional wind damage. Wind Rune
Buff Dark Rune.png Dark Rune Weapons the user attacks with will deal additional dark damage. Dark Rune
Buff Light Rune.png Light Rune Weapons the user attacks with will deal additional light damage. Light Rune
Buff Transfer Rune.png Transfer Rune Skills that usually target the user alone will target all allies as well. Transfer Rune

Divine Skills[]

Buff Description Sources
Buff Aelfric's Auspices.png Aelfric's Auspices Skills performed by a single chosen ally will trigger twice (this will not affect other divine skills) Aelfric's Auspices
Buff Alephan's Enlightenment.png Alephan's Enlightenment Elemental Skills that usually target all foes will instead be focused on a single foe at increased intensity. Alephan's Enlightenment
Buff Dohter's Charity.png Dohter's Charity Items used will affect all applicable targets (allies or foes). Dohter's Charity
Buff Dreisang's Spell.png Dreisang's Spell Elemental skills will always hit for critical damage. Dreisang's Spell
Buff Sealticge's Seduction.png Sealticge's Seduction Skills that usually target one foe/ally will affect all foes/allies instead (this will not affect divine skills) Sealticge's Seduction

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