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Starseer is a secret job in Octopath Traveler. It is earned by defeating the god Steorra, Starseer at the end of the Shrine of the Starseer.

Starseers specialize in buffing their allies' stats with many of their skills dedicated to that role, similar to the Dancer job. However, while the Dancer job's skills buff a single stat each, the Starseer skill Starsong applies the Buff Increased Physical Defense.png Increased Physical Defense, Buff Increased Elemental Defense.png Increased Elemental Defense, Buff Increased Speed.png Increased Speed and Buff Increased Evasion.png Increased Evasion all at the same time. This leaves room for other kinds of supportive skills that don't buff stats, such as BP Boost. Starseers wield Polearms and Daggers as weapons.

Starseers and Dancers work very well together because of their similar playstyles. In particular, the Dancer's Divine Skill, Sealticge's Seduction, is of great benefit to Starseers. The Dancer's first support skill, The Show Goes On, further assists the Starseer's supportive role. Scholars also work well together with Starseers because of the latter's Shooting Stars, which deals Wind, Light and Dark magic to all foes consecutively. This complements Scholars' Fire, Ice and Lightning spells.

The Starseer job's third support skill, BP Eater, is considered among the best support skills for heavy damage-dealers, especially in combination with the Warrior's fourth support skill, Surpassing Power.


Each basic skill costs 2000JP, with the divine skill costing 5000JP

Name SP Damage Type Description
Shooting Stars 35 Type Wind.pngType Light.pngType Dark.png Deal wind, light, and dark damage to all foes.
BP Boost 25 Allow a single ally to gain 2 BP per turn for 2 turns.
Divination 25 Increase a single ally's critical hit rate for 2 turns.
Starsong 25 Augments a single ally's physical defense, elemental defense, speed, and evasion for 2 turns.
Celestial Intervention 25 For 2 turns, render a single enemy unable to receive attribute augmentations, or a single ally immune to attribute penalties.
Ethereal Healing 30 Grant HP regeneration to all allies for 2 turns.
Moon's Reflection 30 Grant a single ally the ability to counter physical damage one time.
Steorra's Prophecy 50 [Divine] Unleash an elemental attack on all foes that deals damage proportional to the party's current BP.

Support Skills[]

Name Description
4 Hard Worker Gain additional JP after battles. (Equipping this skill with multiple characters will have no added effect.)
5 Boost-Start Gain an additional 1 BP at the start of battle.
6 BP Eater Boosted skills performed by the equipping character deal additional damage.
7 Divine Aura The equipping character gains a 25% chance of nullifying any damage taken.


Main article: Shrine of the Starseer

This job can be found at the altar within the Shrine of the Starseer, which is west of Wispermill. The path leading to the dungeon is near the entrance of Wispermill, by the farm. the path is marked with two flowers adjacent to one another. Once at the Shrine you will have to defeat Steorra, Starseer in order to have the job unlocked.


With its focus on multiple forms of support, the Starseer job is recommended for support- and/or magic-oriented characters.

  • Ophilia is one of the best choices for the Starseer job. In addition to Polearms, Daggers, Wind and Dark magic for additional coverage, the Starseer job further expands the supportive capabilities of Ophilia's primary Cleric job, giving her a multitude of supportive options. As mentioned above, having Starseer Ophilia fight alongside a Dancer makes for a powerful combination because she can apply the Buff BP Boost.png BP Boost buff to the latter to fuel Sealticge's Seduction. Starseer Ophilia can also use the Cleric job's Divine Skill, Aelfric's Auspices, to support allies twice in one action at no additional SP. Finally, Ophilia's primary Cleric job wields Staves as weapons, the majority of which increase the user's Elem. Atk. more than their Phys. Atk., and Ophilia is tied with Primrose for the second-highest Elem. Atk. of the eight protagonists after Cyrus. Furthermore, Ophilia's native access to Staves enables her to power up all three hits of Shooting Stars, one of only two characters that can do so.
  • Cyrus benefits from the Starseer skill Shooting Stars complementing his primary Scholar job's Fire, Ice and Lightning spells, especially since he has the highest Elem. Atk. of the eight protagonists. His primary Scholar job also wields Staves which tend to increase the user's Elem. Atk. more than their Phys. Atk.. Finally, the Starseer job's third support skill, BP Eater, further complements Cyrus' magically offensive playstyle. However, since Cyrus is your token black mage, it can be difficult to fully optimize Starseer Cyrus' role as a magic attacker. Like Ophilia, Cyrus's native access to Staves allows him to power up all three hits of Shooting Stars, and is the only other character who can do so.
  • Primrose can work as a Starseer because her primary Dancer job is also support-oriented, and the Dancer job's Divine Skill, Sealticge's Seduction, lets her apply both Dancer and Starseer buffs to all allies instead of one. However, the Starseer skill Starsong applies the Buff Increased Physical Defense.png Increased Physical Defense and Buff Increased Speed.png Increased Speed buffs among its four buffs, which renders Primrose's primary Dancer job's skills Mole Dance and Panther Dance redundant. It is also worth mentioning that both the Dancer and Starseer jobs wield Daggers and Dark magic, compromising Starseer Primrose's means of coverage. That said, Starseer Primrose does gain access to Polearms, Wind and Light magic.
  • As far as support skills go, besides the staple Saving Grace, recommended support skills for Starseers include: Vim and Vigor, Hang Tough, SP Saver, Surpassing Power, The Show Goes On, Second Wind, Resist Ailments, Insult to Injury, Patience, Divine Aura and Elemental Edge.
  • As far as weapons go, the Tradewinds Spear and Adamantine Dagger are good weapons for Starseers because they increase the power of the user's Wind and Dark spells, respectively. The Bishop's Staff completes the three elements used in Shooting Stars because it increases the power of the user's Light spells, but only Ophilia and Cyrus can equip it in their base class.


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