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"The local common folk are this close to taking arms against the gentry. Is there nothing that can be done?" —

Sparks of Revolution is a side story in Octopath Traveler. The tale begins by speaking to the Stern Guardsman guarding the Northeastern most mansion in Bolderfall.

Use the Inquire or Scrutinize Path Action to glean the information Project Plans from the Enlightened Aristocrat inside the mansion.

The tale ends once Project Plans is shared with the Pauper Revolutionary outside of the Tavern in Lower Bolderfall.

Realizing the nobility was made aware of the conditions in the slums, the revolutionary asked for peace.

Use the Purchase or Steal Path Action in Lower Bolderfall to obtain the following items:

  • Rebel's Axe - Pauper at the based of the steps to Bolderfall in Lower Bolderfall
  • Spear of Justice - LeafLeaf 720 - Pauper guarding the house in Lower Bolderfall
  • Revolutionary Sword - LeafLeaf 560 - Pauper Revolutionary near the Tavern entrance in Lower Bolderfall,

The tale ends once the weapons are given to the Stern Guardsman.

Their weapon reserves depleted to the last, the revolution leader decided to pursue a more peaceful path to improving the conditions in the slums.


  • If the Inquire/Scrutinize route is taken, the Enlightened Aristocrat and Stern Guardsman will move from Bolderfall to the Tavern in Lower Bolderfall.
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