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Slippery Nut increases a traveler's Evasion stat.

Stat Increase[]

Evasion Slippery Nut Size
Traveler (S) (M) (L)
Ophilia 5.6 11.2 22.4
Cyrus 7 14 28
Tressa 5.6 11.2 22.4
Olberic 5.6 11.2 22.4
Primrose 7.7 15.4 30.8
Alfyn 6.3 12.6 25.2
Therion 8.4 16.8 33.6
H'aanit 7.7 15.4 30.8


Size Total Location Method Details
5 Goldshore Side Story The Merchant's Path
North S'warkii Trail Red Chest Near entrance to West S'warkii Trail
Rippletide Steal/Purchase Townsperson near Caves of Maiya
Sunshade Steal/Purchase Tavern Patron
S'warkii Side Story Ashlan the Beastmaster (I)
(M) 5 Atlasdam Steal/Purchase Therese (Must complete Cyrus' Chapter 4)
Grandport Steal/Purchase Merchant, inside Tavern
Rippletide Steal/Purchase Olneo Colzione
Victors Hollow: Arena Gate Side Story Ashlan the Beastmaster (II)
Victors Hollow: The Arena Steal/Purchase Arena Attendant
(L) 3 Everhold Steal/Purchase Impresario
Moldering Ruins Side Story Ashlan the Beastmaster (III)
Wispermill Steal/Purchase Male Townsperson near General Store (Must complete Ophilia's Chapter 4)

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