Runelord is a secret job in Octopath Traveler.

In battle, Runelords apply runes to their weapons and those of their allies. The descriptions for runes are a bit misleading: rather than converting physical attacks to elemental damage, it adds a followup attack of the rune's element, Pursuit, to any weapon attack (both basic attacks and skills).

This followup damage is based off the attacker's Elem. Atk. stat, as opposed to caster's (when sharing via transfer rune). Multiple attacks (either from boosting or multihit skills) will only trigger one followup, though AoE weaponskills will apply the followup to all targets hit. However, the Hunter skill second serving will use the followup.

Skills Edit

Each basic skill costs 2000JP, with the divine skill costing 5000JP

Skill SP Damage Type Description
Fire Rune 15 Type Fire Weapons the user attacks with will deal additional fire damage for 3 turns.
Ice Rune 15 Type Ice Weapons the user attacks with will deal additional ice damage for 3 turns.
Thunder Rune 15 Type Lightning Weapons the user attacks with will deal additional lightning damage for 3 turns.
Wind Rune 15 Type Wind Weapons the user attacks with will deal additional wind damage for 3 turns.
Dark Rune 15 Type Dark Weapons the user attacks with will deal additional dark damage for 3 turns.
Light Rune 15 Type Light Weapons the user attacks with will deal additional light damage for 3 turns.
Transfer Rune 25 For 3 turns, skills that usually target yourself alone will target your allies as well.
Balogar's Blade 50 Type FireType IceType LightningType WindType LightType Dark [Divine Skill] Deal damage from each of the six elements to a single foe.

Support Skills Edit

Name Description
4 Stat Swap Elemental and physical attack strength will be swapped with one another.
5 SP Recovery Upon taking damage from a foe, gain an amount of SP equal to 1% of damage taken.
6 Dauntless Gain increased physical and elemental attack when suffering from a status ailment.
7 Elemental Edge Gain augmented elemental attack and defense in battle.


Main article: Shrine of the Runeblade

This job can be unlocked within the Shrine of the Runeblade, which is South of Everhold. The path leading to the dungeon is directly east of the save book in West Everhold Pass. The path is marked with two broken columns adjacent to one another, head east behind some rock, continue fowards and there will be the entrance. Once at the Shrine you will have to defeat Balogar, the Runeblade in order to have the job unlocked.


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