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"Funny how it works, isn't it? Everything that happens in this world falls into one of two neat little categories. Things one's better off knowing, and things one's better off… not. Geoffrey Azelhart, I'm afraid you've been poking your nose into the latter." —Rufus

Rufus, also known as the Left Hand of the Crow, is a character in Octopath Traveler. He bears the mark of the crow on his left arm, is the master of an illegal human trafficking business, and is the tertiary antagonist of Primrose's story as one of the murderers of her father. He is seen speaking with Helgenish in Primrose's Chapter 1, and is the boss of her Chapter 2.



Rufus is a blond, muscular man with the mark of the crow on his left arm. He wears a long black cloak torn at the sleeves to reveal the mark, tied across his torso with a knotted cord, in addition to a black attire, two leather belts, and leather boots.


In contrast with the brutish Helgenish, Rufus is a fairly polite man and is capable of respecting the prowess of others. He acknowledges that Geoffrey Azelhart was a skilled and intelligent man who wasn't easy to bring down, and offers his respect to Primrose after she defeats him in battle. Nevertheless, his manner of speaking is subtly patronizing, betraying a haughty personality beneath his polite exterior. His respect for others' prowess is balanced by his confidence in his own abilities, telling Primrose that she is not the first person to stand up to him, nor will she be the last. Ironically, he is eventually defeated and killed by Primrose.

Rufus is a practical man, and is the only one of the Crow Men to tell Primrose that there was a practical motive to murder her father, beyond Albus' ambition to make more money from joining a criminal organization or Simeon's sadistic delight in ruining others' lives — namely, that her father had discovered classified information about the Obsidians that was strictly forbidden to outsiders. In the post-game, it is eventually revealed that the classified information Geoffrey had discovered and was murdered for discovering, was the Gate of Finis and the Obsidians' ultimate goal to help Lyblac resurrect Galdera.


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The following section contains potential story spoilers!

Ten years before the events of Octopath Traveler, when Primrose was a child, Geoffrey Azelhart was murdered by three men, each bearing the mark of the crow — Rufus, Albus, and Simeon. Two years later, Primrose begins working under Helgenish as a dancer in Sunshade, upon hearing that one of the men bearing the mark sometimes visits the tavern there.

Eight years later, she miraculously spots Rufus, the one with the mark on his left arm. She follows him and sees him speaking with Helgenish. Primrose pursues him after defeating Helgenish, following the map he had left with her employer.

She sets out to Stillsnow, where Rufus owns a prostitution ring. One of his many girls, Arianna, tells Primrose his location. They travel to the mansion by carriage and enter through a secret entrance.

Rufus is arranging to give away Arianna to a church bishop, Father Eschard, before being confronted and defeated by Primrose. After the battle, Rufus says that the truth is not what she thinks is, and can be found in Noblecourt. He then dies, and Primrose departs for her former home.


Rufus will begin the battle with 2 Obsidian Associates. At 25% health, he may summon 2 more, but they will appear with reduced shields and 50% health.

  • Attack: Physical attack, single attack.
  • Pummel: Physical attack, single target. Strikes twice. Chance to inflict Status Unconsciousness.png Unconsciousness for 2-5 turns.
  • Roundhouse Kick: Physical attack, targets entire party.
  • Rufus called for help!: Used only when both Obsidian Associates have been defeated. Summons 2 Obsidian Associates with 50% health and 2 shields each.
  • Rufus takes a deep breath...: Rufus enters boost mode for 1 turn. Uses Left-hand Man if not broken before Rufus's next turn.
    • 'Left-hand Man:Physical attack, targets entire party. Chance to inflict Status Unconsciousness.png Unconsciousness for 2 turns.


"You aren't the first to have said such words to me. Like as not, you won't be the last. I will bury you... as I've buried all the rest. I am Rufus, the left wing of the crow. Now come, precious daughter of House Azelhart. I will send you to your father's side." ~Rufus' monologue before attacking Primrose Azelhart



  • Rufus is the only one of the three Obsidians with no known connection to Geoffrey Azelhart prior to his death.
  • Rufus is the only boss in Primrose's story not weak to Daggers.

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