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Buff Regen HP.png Regen HP is a Buff in Octopath Traveler.


For the duration of the effect, heal an amount equal to 10% of maximum HP after every action. This includes bonus actions from Patience. Additional applications of the same buff onto the same target stack the remaining duration additively, up to a maximum of 9 turns.


Buff Regen HP.png Regen HP is applied by the Starseer skill, Ethereal Healing.

The Scholar support skill Vim and Vigor provides you with a Buff Regen HP.png Regen HP of indefinite duration at the beginning of battle. Additional applications of Buff Regen HP.png Regen HP from any other source, such as Ethereal Healing, do not stack with this effect.

Some pieces of equipment regenerate a flat amount of HP or SP per turn rather than granting this buff, and therefore stack with this effect.


Skill Job Target SP Cost Duration
Ethereal Healing Starseer All Allies 15 2 turns


Buff Regen HP.png Regen HP is prevented with Debuff Celestial Intervention.png Celestial Intervention (Enemy).