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Redeye is a boss in Octopath Traveler. It is the main antagonist and final boss of H’aanit’s story.


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The following section contains potential story spoilers!

Eight years prior to the events of Octopath Traveler, Lyblac led Graham Crossford to The Gate of Finis under the pretense of bringing his wife back to life. Her true intention was to use him as a vessel to bring back Galdera.

In the middle of the rite, Graham Crossford resisted and was able to fight back and wound Lyblac. However, being exposed to the dark god's essence caused him to start morphing into an inhuman monster. He was not able to hold on to his mind in time to finish Lyblac and instead, escaped the gate and began rampaging in the Highlands, killing dozens and turning others into stone.

In essence, the man named Graham Crossford was dead, and all that was left was the near mindless abomination, Redeye (though he had very brief moments where he remembered himself).

Years later, the Knights Ardante who hail from Flamesgrace and are sworn to fight evil, began on a quest to vanquish Redeye. Much to their chagrin, they were forced to go to S'warkii, a village in Darkwood, that was home to a clan of hunters to seek help. Z'aanta who was H'aanit's mentor and one of the exceptional hunters who lived there, was then hired to hunt and defeat Redeye. Z'aanta goes forth and successfully tracks Redeye, but during an intense battle, Redeye managed to elude him and cast a petrification curse on him. Z'aanta struggles against the curse and begins to write a letter describing his predicament, and ends with an apology to H'aanit for failing the hunt. Z'aanta eventually succumbs to Redeye's curse and is turned completely to stone.

Redeye then escaped and on its way to Marsalim, had petrified more people. Worse, its presence caused the monsters in the ruins where it hid, to flee to the surface where they began terrorizing the city. The city guards attempted to stop the creatures, but most were turned to stone by Redeye. Finally, Redeye is confronted by H'aanit who had found Z'aanta's letter and had acquired the means to ward off its petrification attack prior to the battle with the help of Z'aanta's old friend, Susanna Grotoff. H'aanit slays the beast and breaks its curse on everyone it had turned to stone, turning the people it had petrified back into humans and unknowingly, put Graham's soul to rest.

Though H'aanit lamented Redeye's demise because the beast seemed to lack a heart and crumbled to nothingness when it was vanquished, it wasn't until later in the storyline that Redeye's heart-breaking true origin was explained.


Redeye will begin the battle with two actions per turn and 5 shields. Each time it is broken, it will increase its shields by two, for a total of 9 shields. At 50% health, it will increase its actions per turn to 3.

Redeye will change weaknesses every turn, in the pattern shown above.

Redeye may use Evil Eye, which inflicts petrification on a single ally. It will be necessary to use a Herb-of-Grace Potion to allow them to act again. Petrified allies who become incapacitated cannot be brought back to the battle.

  • An ill forboding prevades the battlefield...: Used as the first action of the first turn. Redeye temporarily gains a third action per turn during the first turn only, superseding all other actions. For the remainder of the battle, all of Redeye's physical attacks have a chance to inflict Status Blindness.png Blindness for 2-5 turns.
  • The fiend's body writhes ominously...: Used at the beginning of each turn, superseding all other actions as a free action. Redeye's weaknesses change in the following order:
    • Type Daggers.pngType Bows.pngType Staves.pngType Fire.pngType Light.png
    • Type Polearms.pngType Axes.pngType Lightning.pngType Wind.pngType Light.png
    • Type Swords.pngType Bows.pngType Fire.pngType Lightning.pngType Light.png
  • Attack: Physical attack, single target.
  • Rend: Physical attack, single target.
  • Sweep: Physical attack, targets entire party.
  • Bestial Roar: Physical attack, targets entire party. Chance of inflicting Status Unconsciousness.png Unconsciousness for 2-3 turns.
  • Unholy Elixir: Recovery. Randomly heals any target, ally or foe, for 100 HP.
  • You have angered the beast!: Used once Redeye reaches 50% of his maximum HP. The following effects occur:
    • Redye's actions per turn increases to three.
    • Redeye enters boost mode for 1 turn. Uses Unearthly Roar if not broken before Redeye's next action.
      • Unearthly Roar: Physical attack, targets entire party. Chance of inflicting Status Unconsciousness.png Unconsciousness for 2-3 turns.
    • Unlocks the following abilities:
      • Rampage: Physical attack, targets entire party.
      • Evil Eye: Effect. Single target. Target is inflicted with Status Petrification.png Petrification.
        • All augmentations and other status effects are removed. This includes permanent effects gained through passive skills and equipment.
        • Target cannot perform any actions.
        • Target cannot be healed while petrified, but can still take damage.
        • Redeye will focus on the target for the remainder of the turn.
        • If target is incapacitated, target will be removed from the battle. There is no way for the target to re-enter battle if removed in this manner.
        • Status cannot be removed or prevented through Buff Rehabilitate.png Rehabilitate or similar skills.
        • The only way to remove the status condition is either by using an Herb-of-grace Potion Cures a single individual of petrification or defeating Redeye.
        • If still petrified when Redeye is defeated, target will still receive EXP and JP at the end of battle.



  • The move Unholy Elixir is a reference to Graham Crossford’s occupation as an apothecary— a remnant of his former self.
  • Redeye's body has the image of being covered in black fire, which is a hint to his connection to Galdera who is also known as the god of the accursed flame.
  • If the player returns to the room in the Grimsand Ruins where they fought Redeye, they can find a message on a fallen pillar from Redeye, begging for someone to kill him.
  • Redeye has the third highest amount of HP of all the Chapter 4 bosses.

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