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Provoke is H'aanit's Path Action in Octopath Traveler. The ability allows H'aanit to set beasts on certain non-playable characters in the game, who must then duel them in one-to-one combat.

This Path Action is the rogue counterpart to Olberic's Path Action, Challenge.


When the player sets beasts on townsfolk, they will enter combat between H'aanit and the single enemy - other members of the party will be excluded from the fight.

In these battles, H'aanit cannot attack. Therefore the only way to damage the opponent is to attack them with her captured beasts, as well as using Linde. This Path Action is useful as Provoking can remove people that may be blocking a pathway, can be used to solve many side quests or can simply be used to earn extra money or experience.

However, if you defeat someone with Provoke, you can not use any other Path Actions on them until you leave and come back to the area. Also, should you lose the duel, your reputation will drop in the town you are in, unlike Challenge.

List of NPCs That Increase Provoke Path Action[]

Gleaned information: Provoke Like a Pro

City NPC
S'warkii Villager (Near Entrance)
Stillsnow Villager (Top Exit)
Stonegard Townsperson (Near Exit to Spectrewood Path)
Marsalim Knight Ardante


  • The Hunter skill Patience and the Dancer skill Eye for an Eye still work in duels and provide a notable advantage.
  • Some NPCs are prone to Provoke compared to Challenge, thus have a lower minimum level requirement. For example, one Townsperson in Marsalim blocking a door requires minimum level 70 to challenge and another in Duskbarrow requires level 60, while both of them can be provoked by level 52 H'aanit.