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Orsterra is the fictional continent in which Octopath Traveler takes place.


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List of Towns[]

Region Name Story Dungeon Infomation
Frostlands Flamesgrace Ophilia Chapter 1 Cave of Origin
Stillsnow Primrose Chapter 2 Obsidian Parlor
H'aanit Chapter 3 The Whitewood 
Northreach Therion Chapter 4 Lorn Cathedral
Flatlands Atlasdam Cyrus Chapter 1 Subterranean Study
Noblecourt Primrose Chapter 3 Obsidian Manse
Therion Chapter 2 Orlick's Manse
Wispermill Ophilia Chapter 4 Ebony Grotto
Coastlands Rippletide Tressa Chapter 1 Caves of Maiya
Goldshore Ophilia Chapter 3 Seaside Grotto
Alfyn Chapter 2 Caves of Azure
Grandport Tressa Chapter 4 Grandport Sewers
Highlands Cobbleston Olberic Chapter 1 Brigands' Den
Stonegard Cyrus Chapter 3 Yvon's Birthplace
H'aanit Chapter 2 The Spectrewood
Everhold Primrose Chapter 4 Everhold Amphitheater
Sunlands Sunshade Primrose Chapter 1 Sunshade Catacombs
Wellspring Olberic Chapter 3 Lizardmen's Den
Therion Chapter 3 Black Market
Marsalim H'aanit Chapter 4 Marsalim Catacombs
Riverlands Clearbrook Alfyn Chapter 1 Cave of Rhiyo
Saintsbridge Ophilia Chapter 2 The Murkwood
Alfyn Chapter 3 Rivira Woods
Riverford Olberic Chapter 4 Riverford Manse
Cliftlands Bolderfall Therion Chapter 1 Ravus Manor
Quarrycrest Cyrus Chapter 2 Cliftlands Sewers
Tressa Chapter 2 Morlock's Manse
Orewell Alfyn Chapter 4 Forest of Rubeh
Woodlands S'warkii H'aanit Chapter 1 The Whisperwood
Victors Hollow Tressa Chapter 3 The Forgotten Grotto
Olberic Chapter 2 Victors Hollow Arena
Duskbarrow Cyrus Chapter 4 Ruins of Eld


  • Orsterra can be translated as the "Land of Orsa", named after the primordial goddess who created the world.

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