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Orlick is a character in Octopath Traveler. He is the boss in Chapter 2 of Therion's story.



Orlick is an overweight man with a thin beard. He wears fine clothes — a hat with a feather, a long green coat with ornate designs, a purple shirt, and leather trousers.


Orlick is normally a passionate scholar who has respect for scholars dedicated to their profession, such as Barham whom he works with as a research partner and friend. However, Orlick also has obsessive tendencies towards his profession, and upon finding the ruby dragonstone this side of his personality completely takes over, resulting in him becoming possessive and voluntarily isolating himself from everybody around him, Barham included. This is why Barham tries to help Therion steal the dragonstone.

When Orlick catches Therion about to steal the dragonstone to return it to its rightful owner House Ravus, he shows complete contempt towards the young thief and says that only he himself has the right to own and research the dragonstone. Therion concludes that Orlick does not trust anybody else to research the dragonstone with him, a feeling Therion can relate to because of him being betrayed by his former partner-in-crime, Darius in the past.

After being defeated and losing the ruby dragonstone, and after the player has completed Therion and Tressa's fourth chapters, Orlick has made amends with Barham and has begun working with him again as research partners, seemingly returning to his usual self.


Orlick is a scholar and former research partner to Barham. Thinking of each other like brothers, the two knew each other since studying at the academy and acquired the manor to continue researching together. However, upon getting his hands on the ruby dragonstone, Orlick became consumed with studying it and began isolating himself to everyone, including Barham. Barham decided to part ways with Orlick shortly after.

Some time later, he headed to his laboratory with his bodyguards to research the stone further when he discovered that Therion and his companions had broken into the lab about to take the dragonstone. Furious at the intrusion, he engaged them in battle, only to be defeated and knocked out.

Upon the completion of Therion's story, Orlick can be found in Barham's home, working alongside him once again. The two are a part of the sidequest Mikk and Makk Make Good, which is unlocked upon the completion of both Therion and Tressa's stories.


Orlick will begin battle with 2 Orlick's Bodyguards at his side. All of his weaknesses will initially be locked, and will only be unlocked once both bodyguards have been defeated.

At 50% health he will use Activate Construct to summon an Orlick's Golem.

  • Attack: Physical attack, single target.
  • Augmentation: Buff. Augments all foes with Buff Increased Physical Attack.png Increased Physical Attack and Buff Increased Elemental Attack.png Increased Elemental Attack for 3 turns.
  • Magic Missile: Elemental attack, single target.
  • Rage: Physical attack, targets entire party.
  • Orlick is channeling his arcane energies...: Orlick enters boost more for 1 turn. Uses Magic Grenade if not broken before Orlick's next action.
    • Magic Grenade: Charges for 1 turn. Elemental damage to entire party.
  • Activate Construct: Used when Orlick is 50% of his maximum HP. Summons an Orlick's Golem to the battlefield a maximum of one time.
    • But the construct can move no more...: Used after the Orlick's Golem has been defeated.


"I suppose it's time I delve back into my work. You're curious about my studies? I'm afraid they're not for the likes of you..." —Speaking to Orlick

"I have no interest in religion. Are you truly in such need of my help?" —Guide

"Hmm... Not bad... Not bad at all, if I do say so myself..." —Allure

"It is high time I returned to my research." —Part Ways



  • After completing Therion and Tressa's fourth chapters, Orlick can be found with Barham in the latter's home.
  • Magic Missile may be a reference to the spell in Dungeons and Dragons of the same name.
  • Orlick's voice in the English version is similar to that of Gollum's from The Lord of the Rings movies, which is fitting given that Orlick, like Gollum, has an obsession with a piece of jewellery.
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