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"Till we meet again, dear sister. May the Sacred Flame light your path!"

— Ophilia to her sister Lianna, before departing her home.

Ophilia Clement is one of eight playable characters in Octopath Traveler. She is one of the sisters that work at the Church of Flamesgrace. Ophilia embarks on a pilgrimage to restore light to the realm in her adoptive sister’s stead after Archbishop Josef falls seriously ill.



Ophilia has long, blonde hair that reaches her shoulders and is styled straight. She wears a white hooded cape over her shoulders that is held together by a golden trinket, a white dress that reaches to her ankles with blue godets and gold accents, black gloves, and leather lace-up boots. In her sprites, her gloves and eyes are brown.


Ophilia is a soft-spoken young woman with a kind heart who was raised by Archbishop Josef himself. She does what she deems is the right thing and helps those in need whenever necessary. However, she also has a strong resolve, willing to take on the church's holy pilgrimage, despite the possible repercussions so that Lianna may remain by her ailing father's side. Josef compares her kindness to the Sacred Flame that illuminates the paths of everyone. He does hope that Ophilia's own kindness will not be her downfall, and that she will never become a martyr.

Initially, upon being brought into the church, Ophilia was depressed and incredibly withdrawn after losing all of her family due to a war. Lianna, however, was able to help her open up, allowing her to become the woman that she is today.

Ophilia has a healthy relationship with her fellow travelers, often giving and seeking guidance from them. However, she often gets pointed out that she is too kind for her own good. Therion says that Ophilia trusts others too easily, which can result in her being deceived.


"Your name is Ophilia, and you are a cleric. You hail from the snowswept Frostlands, where you dutifully serve the Order of the Flame under your adoptive father, the archbishop. As your adoptive sister—and best friend—prepares to embark on a perilious pilgrimage, you stand ever at her side. But unbeknowst to the both of you, events are about to take a tragic turn..."

— Ophilia's description when selecting her.

Prior to Story[]

15 years prior to the events of Octopath Traveler, Ophilia was orphaned as the result of an unnamed war. The archbishop of Flamesgrace Cathedral adopted her and treated her as if she was his own blood daughter. At first, Ophilia shut herself away and refused to let anyone talk to her, thinking she was fated to be alone and miserable forever. Lianna was able to help Ophilia out of her shell by bringing her atop a hill that overlooked the cathedral. Lianna hoped that this place would become Ophilia's favorite as well.

Chapter 1[]

Ophilia's story begins at the onset of Lianna's pilgrimage. As Ophilia speaks with Mattias, a merchant providing supplies for Lianna's journey, Archbishop Josef falls gravely ill. Crushed by the fear of what may become of her father, Lianna confides in Ophilia. Ophilia resolves to venture into the Cave of Origin and take Aelfric's Lanthorn, placing the duty of the pilgrimage upon herself so that Lianna may remain at Josef's side.

Chapter 2[]

Ophilia arrives in Saintsbridge and successfully kindles the Sacred Flame there. She later spots a young boy, Emil, being harassed by his friends Derryl and Nate. Emil explains that Derryl had recently lost his mother and was upset because Emil had lost her brooch. Ophilia helps the boys reconcile and search for the brooch. Emil runs into The Murkwood to look further. Fearing for his safety, Ophilia and Derryl chase after him, in time to save him from Hróðvitnir.

Chapter 3[]

In Goldshore, Ophilia runs into Mattias once more. She is later unable to perform the Kindling due to Bishop Donovan's nervous behavior, which he excuses as unpreparedness. Upon speaking with Daniel, a boy she had seen acting suspiciously, she realizes that Donovan's daughter had been taken hostage by cultists who wanted the Sacred Flame. Ophilia ventures to the Seaside Grotto in order to rescue her from the two men.

She kindles the Sacred Flame upon her return to Goldshore, but is soon approached by Lianna with news of their father's death. Lianna, having been convinced by the cultists that they may bring her father back to life, drugs Ophilia's drink and steals Aelfric's Lanthorn.

Chapter 4[]

As Ophilia arrives in Wispermill in pursuit of Lianna, the townspeople act standoffish towards her. She is soon taken prisoner by the villagers, and it is revealed that the town is part of a cult led by Mattias, the "Savior." He explains his intentions of using Lianna to kindle Galdera's Flame, before leaving. Lianna later secretly unlocks her cell door, but insists on the ceremony, lost in the belief that their father may be resurrected.

Ophilia follows the cultists to the Ebony Grotto, where she interrupts the ceremony and brings Lianna back to her senses by reminding her of a lesson their father taught them, that those who die leave an impact on the bereaved even after the fact, leaving their legacies alive. Enraged that his plan has been thwarted, Mattias engages Ophilia in combat, but perishes at her hand.

Ophilia returns to Flamesgrace to complete the Kindling ceremony. However, Lianna remains distraught at the loss of Josef and guilt over nearly releasing Galdera's power into the world, and shuts herself away in her room in depression, much like Ophilia did fifteen years ago. Ophilia guides her to their favorite place atop the hill, reminding Lianna that their father will live on in their hearts.


Archbishop Josef[]

He took Ophilia in after she lost her family. Despite living together for fifteen years, Ophilia only ever refers to him as "His Excellency" due to his status and her lack of self-confidence, and only calls him "father" once when he is seriously ill and tells her that he believes his end is near. However, they do care for each other, with Ophilia being ever grateful for the archbishop for taking her in.


Lianna is Ophilia's adoptive sister and best friend who always stands by her side. Thanks to Lianna's insistent help, Ophilia was able to overcome her grief and began enjoying life at the church with her new family. Both of them care for each other greatly, so great that Ophilia offered to take the pilgrimage so Lianna could stay by their sick father's side. Lianna is grateful for such an act but cannot help but apologize that she had Ophilia take the burden of doing the pilgrimage.


Mattias is a trader of the Leoniel Consortium who provided support to Lianna before she was meant to depart on the pilgrimage. Ophilia thought of him as a kind man and expressed gratitude to him for helping both Lianna and herself, after her sister's worry for what might happen to her father forces Ophilia to take the pilgrimage in her stead. Mattias for his part regarded Ophilia warmly, praising her unwavering kindness and even choosing to confide in her about his doubt in the Sacred Flame.

However, Mattias' kind modesty is eventually revealed to be a façade for a much more sinister personality. Having already lost faith in and become hateful towards the Sacred Flame long ago, Mattias had been plotting the failure of the pilgrimage from the start by discreetly poisoning Archbishop Josef, making Lianna fall into despair, and taking advantage of her grief to manipulate her into helping him corrupt the Sacred Flame with Galdera's power, under the pretense of resurrecting her father. When Ophilia sees his true colors in Wispermill, she becomes disgusted with him for using her adoptive sister's pain for his own benefit and is determined to both stop the dark ritual and save Lianna.


Ophilia is a Cleric, being one of the group's two dedicated healers. She focuses on party-wide heals and single-target elemental defense buffs, and is also equipped with light-elemental spells, although she can only use staves initially. She boasts high elemental attack and defense, both powering her spells, but falters in health, physical defense and speed. She can increase her survivability with her last Support Skill, Saving Grace, and Reflective Veil is the key to many anti-magic battle plans.

Ophilia's Path Action, Guide, allows her to recruit an NPC as a temporary companion in battle. These guests are untargetable and uncontrollable, but will attack every turn and offer a rare chance of protecting her from a direct hit. They will leave the field after a few turns, and can be resummoned a set number of times before they are released. NPC strengths and abilities vary greatly, so with careful planning and preparation, Ophilia can add considerable value to the fight. Guide is a Noble Path Action, and so it relies on Ophilia's level to be used, but it cannot fail.

Due to her natural aptitude as a mage, Ophilia does well with subjobs that further increase her elemental stats and spell repertoire.

  • As a Scholar, Ophilia can act as both a powerful healer and a powerful attacker with four different elements. The main flaw in this combination is that it may make Ophilia's focus too broad, preventing her from making optimal use of either her healing abilities or her offensive magic. It also does not grant access to any additional weapon types.
  • Apothecary allows a bit more nuance to Ophilia's healing power, as First Aid can be used to heal one character instead of the entire party. This can be helpful for saving SP if there's only one character that actually needs healing. She also gains the ability to remove and prevent status ailments with Rehabilitate, which her native Cleric class lacks.
  • Merchant gives Ophilia two additional weapon types and wind elemental attacks, and Donate BP is a powerful addition to Ophilia's support abilities. Most importantly, the Merchant's Rest skill allows Ophilia to regenerate her own SP, which she is dependent on for both healing and offense.
  • As a Dancer, Ophilia becomes a powerful support character that can buff any stat thanks to her native Cleric class including the one buff that Dancer lacks. Ophilia also gains access to a new weapon type and dark-elemental magic. Light and dark are opposite elements, so having both improves Ophilia's ability to break enemy defenses more than it seems. The main drawback is that Ophilia possesses the lowest speed stat among the eight travelers, which may make it difficult for her allies to use buffs the same turn they receive them. This can be somewhat circumvented with the "Defend" command which will move her to the front of the turn order in the next turn.

Among the advanced classes, Ophilia does best as a Starseer or a Sorcerer. The Starseer gives Ophilia similar advantages to the Dancer by combining her native healing spells with support magic. It also gives her a powerful magic attack that deals three hits on its own and is devastating against broken enemies. As the Starseer cannot equip staves on its own, Ophilila is one of only two travelers, the other being Cyrus, who can power up all three of Shooting Star's hits. The Sorcerer combines Ophilia's high Elemental Attack with the ability to use all six elements, but like the Scholar she may have difficulty getting the most out of her abilities by spreading them too thin.

Recommended support skills for Ophilia to equip include: Inner Strength (early-game), Saving Grace, SP Saver, Second Wind, Resist Ailments, Patience, Boost-Start (in combination with Heal More/Saving Grace), Divine Aura, Stronger Strikes, Augmented Elements and Elemental Edge.

Due to the flexibilty of subjobs any character can fill any role with the right equipment and skills, with proper planning any of the travelers can perform decently on any subjob.

Cleric Skills[]

Skill SP Damage Type Description
Heal Wounds 8 Restore HP to all allies.
Holy Light 6 Type Light.png Inflict light-based damage on a single foe.
Sheltering Veil 6 Augment a single ally's elemental defense for 2 turns.
Luminescence 9 Type Light.png Deal light-based damage to all foes.
Heal More 25 Restore a large amount of HP to all allies.
Reflective Veil 22 Grant a single ally the ability to reflect one elemental attack.
Revive 50 Revive all incapacitated allies.
Aelfric's Auspices 30 [Divine Skill] For 3 turns, skills performed by a single chosen ally will trigger twice (this will not effect other divine skills).

Support Skills[]



4 Persistence All status enhancements you receive will last for one additional turn.
5 Inner Strength Increases the maximum SP of the equipped character by 50.
6 Evil Ward Increases the party's success rate when attempting to flee (equipping this skill with multiple characters will have no added effect).
7 Saving Grace Grants the equipping character the ability to be healed above their maximum HP.


Below are the sprites and appearance changes for Ophilia with each Subjob:

Each time a subjob is selected the appearance of the character will also change. The first sprite is the appearance with no subjob equipped.


"And so I must gather the ember, that I might perform the Kindling in my sister's stead.This is a path I had chosen. I alone must go. Hm? Even so you would lend me your aid? I thank you kind offer. Surely the flame has guided you to my side. Now let us for the Cave of Origin. It lies the hills to east the of town." —Joined the Party

"Here I go!" —Max Boost

"Prepare yourself!" —Max Boost

"Aelfric, bringer of the flame!" —Using Aelfric's Auspices

"I'm sorry..." —Defeated

"It seems that I am finished..." —Defeated



The name Ophilia may refer to Ophelia, a Greek name that means ‘help’, a name that was first used by Jacopo Sannazaro for a character in the Poem titled Arcadia which was later borrowed by Shakespeare to use in the popular play titled Hamlet to use for the name of Hamlet’s lover who goes insane after the death of his father and drowns. Her surname Clement means ‘merciful’ or ‘mild’, fitting her kind and loving personality.


  • Ophilia and Therion are the only 2 characters facing to the right in their portrait, While other main character's portrait facing to the left.
  • In the concept art of the eight heroes, Ophilia was supposed to have hair with more volume and seemed to curve at the end. Now, she has straight hair in exchange for it.
  • Travel banter reveals that she: admires Therion for his amount of bravery, and admires Olberic for the kindness and mercy he shows to his opponents. She also appreciates Olberic's belief that every child should have a mentor to look up to and be taught the ways of the world.
  • During the "For Women's Ears Only" Travel Banter, Ophilia states that her ideal man is someone 'compassionate, caring, thoughtful, and upright'. She also adds that he must be 'able to handle a sword,' 'clever like a scholar,' and 'hard on himself, but forgiving of others.' She also adds that they must be taller than her and must be broad-minded and tolerant. Just 'generally wonderful', Ophilia ends. The other girls point out that no such man exists.
    • A general consensus is that the man Ophilia likes is a mix of the 4 male travelers.
  • Ophilia is one of three characters with a unique weapon sprite. Ophilia's staff sprite is different from the one used by the other seven characters.
  • During the "Let's Play a Game" Travel Banter, it is revealed that Ophilia has a natural talent for card games, evidenced by her many victories against Cyrus and Tressa, mainly because her perpetually calm, serene demeanor means that she has no visual cues that can be used to figure out her hand.
  • Ophilia was born the same year that Archbishop Josef carried out the Kindling pilgrimage, as the pilgrimage is performed once every 20 years and Ophilia is 20 years old during the events of Octopath Traveler.

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