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The Ogre Eagle is an enemy in Octopath Traveler. It is the final boss of Alfyn's story.


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The following section contains potential story spoilers!

The feather of an Ogre Eagle is a crucial ingredient in an elixir that is the only cure to a certain deadly disease. This cure was first discovered by Graham Crossford, who traveled the continent in search of it. However, his wife passed away before he could save her, so he opted to use the elixir to save Alfyn instead, whilst passing through Clearbrook.

Ogen would soon fall victim to the disease as well. He refused to seek help or treat himself, thinking himself unworthy to live due to having murdered his wife's killer (who had a wife and a son). Alfyn disagrees, however, and upon recalling the ingredient to the elixir, makes for the Forest of Rubeh in order to save Ogen's life.


For the first action the Ogre Eagle uses, it will emote The beast's great wings forfend your attacks!, and will lock 4 of its weaknesses, leaving only its weakness to ice vulnerable. After broken once, it will increase its break shields to 6, and unlock its weakness to sword and lightning. After broken twice, it will increase its break shields to 8, and unlock its remaining weaknesses.

All of the Ogre Eagle's physical attacks may cause one of the following for 3 turns:

  • The beast's great wings forfend your attacks!: Used at the start of the battle. Sets Ogre Eagle's weaknesses to the following: Type Swords Locked.pngType Bows Locked.pngType Ice.pngType Lightning Locked.pngType Dark Locked.png
  • The beast is wounded, and has grown wary!: Used when Ogre Eagle recovers from the first two breaks.
    • First Break: Ogre Eagle gains 2 shields after the first break for a total of 6. Sets Ogre Eagle's weaknesses to the following: Type Swords.pngType Bows Locked.pngType Ice.pngType Lightning.pngType Dark Locked.png
    • Second break: Ogre Eagles gains 2 more shields for its maximum of 8. All weaknesses unlocked.
  • Attack: Physical attack, single target.
  • Double Talon: Physical attack, targets entire party. Hits two times.
  • Double Rend: Physical attack, single target. Hit two times.
  • Wind Slash: Elemental damage, Type Wind.png. Single target. Hits three times.
  • Storm Slash: Elemental damage, Type Wind.png. Targets random allies. Hits four times.
  • Swept Away: Temporarily removes one ally from battle. Removed ally will return to battle after three turns. If the rest of the party is killed, the traveler that has been blown away is treated as an incapacitated ally. This will occur a Game Over.
  • Toxic Rainbow // A rainbow-colored toxic cloud fills the air...: Used at 50% health. Permanent aura that persists on the battlefield for the remainder of the battle.
    • The cloud saps your lifeblood!: Used at the end of each turn after Toxic Rainbow has been used. Reduces maximum HP for the entire party at the end of every turn. Observes the following rules:
      • Reduces each ally's base maximum HP by 8% of current base maximum HP. Additional Maximum HP granted from equipment effects is not affected.
      • Does not affect allies who have been removed from battle through the effects of Swept Away.
      • Effect cannot be removed or nullified through Buff Rehabilitate.png Rehabilitate or similar effects.
      • If a party member has above maximum HP at the end of the turn through the passive skill Saving Grace, current HP will be reduced to match the new maximum value.


Having plenty of Injurious/Ruinous Seeds on hand helps significantly, by using Chilling/Freezing Powder, the Ogre Eagle's can easily be broken. Having hunters will also break its defenses quicker once all its weaknesses are available to allow damage to be piled on.



Tengu (天狗) are a creature in Japanese folk religion, commonly depicted with both human and avian characteristics and a long nose to represent a beak.


  • The Ogre Eagle has the second highest HP of all Chapter 4 bosses.
  • This boss is implied to represent Alfyn's journey coming full circle, as it was a feather from this beast that made the elixir that cured a young Alfyn from his illness and started him on his path to being an apothecary to the point of helping another with the same illness.
  • The Ogre Eagle is one of only two Chapter 4 bosses that is not killed in their respective main character's final chapter, the other being Esmeralda.
    • It is also one of only two bosses to utilize the ability Toxic Rainbow, the other being the Abyssal Maw.
  • The Ogre Eagle is the only Chapter 4 boss that is not the main antagonist of their respective protagonist's story, with Chapter 3's Miguel fulfilling that role.
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