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"Some lives aren't worth saving." —Ogen, explaining his philosophy that dangerous criminals should be left to die

Ogen is a character in Octopath Traveler. He is an experienced but cynical apothecary whom Alfyn meets in Saintsbridge, who only treats those he believes deserve to live. He is one of the two deuteragonists of Alfyn's story (alongside Zeph)



Ogen has black hair with white stripes. He also wears black clothes and an apothecary satchel.


Ogen is simultaneously similar to and very different from Alfyn. Like Alfyn, Ogen became an apothecary after being treated by Graham Crossford because he wants to ease suffering, and money is a low priority for him; but unlike Alfyn, Ogen only treats those he believes deserve to live and is willing to leave dangerous criminals to die. Ogen was not always like this, and he eventually tells Alfyn that he once held similar beliefs to him — namely, that it is an apothecary's duty to ease the suffering of anyone with illnesses or diseases. However, he became embittered by a traumatic experience when he treated a wounded criminal, only for that man to murder his wife, Melyssa.

Ogen's cynical ideals clash with Alfyn's idealistic ones and initially cause Alfyn to dislike him, but Ogen eventually comes to respect the young apothecary for overcoming his self-doubt and saving his life despite knowing of his past actions, even after Miguel took advantage of Alfyn's compassion and betrayed him.


Years ago, Ogen was treated for an illness by Graham Crossford. During that time Graham mentioned a small, bright young boy who he had treated. This lead to Ogen becoming an apothecary who healed indiscriminately and married a woman named Melyssa during his studies.

However, at some point, Ogen let a wanted criminal into his home in Northreach and treated the man's injuries. However, after the man had healed, Ogen came home and found his wife murdered by the very man Ogen had saved. This lead to Ogen's practice of only saving those who he deemed worthy.

After some time traveling the land, Ogen found his wife's killer with a family of his own and killed him in an act of vengeance. Ogen would be tormented by what might have happened to the wife and child, and having taken a life, he saw himself as unworthy to live. From that point on, Ogen never treated himself, even as his body was being ravaged by various plagues over time.

While at Saintsbridge, he finds a man named Miguel injured and begging for help. Knowing he is a criminal, he refuses to help him and leaves, not before clashing with Alfyn, who heals Miguel in his place.

Ogen later formally introduces himself to Alfyn and compliments him on his potential. Before leaving the area, he implores Alfyn to let Miguel die and gave him the following advice: "Before you act, ask yourself what it truly means to save a man's life, especially the life of a killer".

The next day, Ogen witnesses Miguel take a young boy hostage and Alfyn setting off after him in hot pursuit. Later, after Alfyn defeats Miguel and rescues Timothy, Ogen tells him that he made a poor choice with Miguel, explaining the story of his wife's murder. He asks Alfyn to think before making any more decisions regarding saving others.

Ogen later makes his way to Orewell, where there was an affliction going around among the townsfolk. While treating the patients and speaking with Alfyn, his ability to work begins to noticeably deteriorate. Later that night, Ogen wakes up from a bad dream at the inn and begins coughing profusely.

Alfyn later confronts him over his deteriorating health. As he attempted to decline help, he goes into a coughing fit again and begins hacking up blood. Alfyn recognizes the illness as the same one he had as a child. Ogen explains to Alfyn about his murder and insists that he does not deserve help, but Alfyn returns with a renewed spirit and determination to treat him.

After Alfyn returns from the Forest of Rubeh with an Ogre Eagle feather, he receives the elixir and is cured of his condition. Before going their separate ways, Ogen commends Alfyn for carrying the legacy Graham Crossford started.


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  • After completing Alfyn's story, Ogen can be found in Northreach, where the player can complete an optional sidequest for him. Upon completion, he will be in Northreach's tavern.

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