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"Sure that's smart, Alfyn? I stretch the truth from time to time, but I wasn't lyin' about bein' a mercenary. Miguel Twinspears has killed a hundred men if he's killed a dozen. Soldiers, mind you, not mollycoddles totin' a bag full o' weeds. None of yer potions or bandages will patch ye up when I'm done with ye! Gah!" —Miguel, when engaging to battle.

Miguel is a character in Octopath Traveler. He is the main antagonist and third boss of Alfyn's story.



Miguel is a young man with dark red hair and a very slim figure. He also has bandages from arm to torso (due to injuries), a red tattered cape, a left arm guard, purple pants and a small bag attached to his belt.


Miguel is a deceptive sociopath. When injured, he feigns guilt over past actions, unfortunate circumstances, and a desire to bond with others. In reality, he is the kind of man who will commit crimes simply for the pleasure in doing so, and will kill children if they annoy him too much. Furthermore, he takes sadistic pleasure in taunting Alfyn for saving his life despite knowing he is a criminal.


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The following section contains potential story spoilers!

Miguel is a thief and former mercenary. Alfyn meets him when he is being examined by Ogen. Miguel pretends to be a farmer, but Ogen sees through his façade, and decides not to treat him. Alfyn, unaware of who he is, treats his wound, and saves his life.

However, as Miguel is recovering, Alfyn is alerted by one of the locals of Miguel's past: he is both a thief and a murderer. Alfyn makes Miguel promise he will become an honest man, and treats him until the wee hours of the morning.

Mostly recovered due to the treatment, Miguel kidnaps a young child and demands a ransom from his mother. Upon seeing Alfyn, he retreats into the Rivira Woods. As Miguel waited for his ransom, he was constantly annoyed by Timothy, so he wounded him to keep him quiet. He is eventually confronted by Alfyn and his companions, who demanded he step aside and return the child. Miguel refused and engaged them in battle, only to be defeated by the group. Badly wounded from the fight and with his previous wound reopened, Miguel collapses and dies.

Miguel taking advantage of Alfyn's compassion for his own twisted purposes causes Alfyn to have a personal crisis over being an apothecary for much of his final chapter.

The Gate of Finis[]

At the Gate of Finis the party battles what appears to be Miguel's ghost. After its destruction, it leaves behind a tome containing the second of three diaries from Graham Crossford (perhaps due to his and the criminal's shared connection to Alfyn). Particularly it details Graham's meeting with Alfyn from his perspective and how he came into contact with Lyblac.

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Miguel has an ability which allows him to change his weaknesses each time he breaks, into a particular set of weaknesses. However, this order is deterministic.

Miguel's attacks are mostly physical, so the best way to mitigate his damage is to use a Thief's Shackle Foe to reduce his attack while buffing your own physical defense with Hired Help - Mercenary from a Merchant.


  • Fraid you picked a fight with the wrong man...: Used at the beginning of battle. Miguel increases his actions per turn to two.
  • Miguel shifts his defenses!: Used whenever Miguel recovers from a break. The following effects occur:
    • Miguel changes his weaknesses to another set, rotating them in the following order:
      • Type Polearms.pngType Daggers.pngType Fire.pngType Light.png
      • Type Axes.pngType Staves.pngType Ice.pngType Lightning.png
      • Type Swords.pngType Axes.pngType Fire.pngType Lightning.png
      • Type Swords.pngType Bows.pngType Wind.pngType Light.png
    • Always followed by Cross Spear.
  • Cross Spear: Physical attack, targets entire party. Hits twice.
  • Hurl Spear: Effect. Miguel throws multiple spears into the air. If Miguel is not broken before the next turn, the spears will rain down upon the party members at the beginning of the next turn, before any character's action. The number of spears thrown does not correspond to how many times the spears will hit.
    • A spear rains down on you from above!: Used at the beginning of the next turn after Hurl Spear. Physical attack, targets random allies. Hits 4-6 times.
  • Twin Spears: Physical attack, single target. Hits twice. Chance to inflict Debuff Decreased Physical Defense.png Decreased Physical Defense for 3 turns with each hit.
  • Sorry, kid...but I can't let ye live.: Used once Miguel reaches 50% of his maximum health. Miguel enters boost mode.
    • For the next turn, Miguel increases his actions per turn to 5. The turn order will show Miguel as having 5 actions for the next two turns, but will revert to two once the first turn of 5 actions is complete. Effect is removed upon break.
  • I surrender! Have mercy!: Used once Miguel reaches 25% of his maximum health and after Sorry, kid...but I can't let ye live. Miguel enters boost mode. While in boost mode, the following effects occur:
    • For the next turn, Miguel increases his actions per turn to 5. The turn order will show Miguel as having 5 actions for the next two turns, but will revert to two once the first turn of 5 actions is complete. Effect is removed upon break.
    • The following skills are unlocked:
      • Storm of Spears: Effect. Miguel throws multiple spears into the air. If Miguel is not broken before the next turn, the spears will rain down upon the party members at the beginning of the next turn, before any character's action. The number of spears thrown does not correspond to how many times the spears will hit.
        • Innumerable spears rain down on you from the heavens!: Used at the beginning of the next turn after Storm of Spears. Physical attack, targets random allies. Hits 8-10 times.
      • Drink Medicine: Recovery. Immediately heals 10% of Miguel's maximum HP (5680 HP in Rivira Woods, 17007 HP at the Gate of Finis).
      • Cross Spear: Heavy physical attack. Targets entire party. Hits twice. Shares the same name as another of Miguel's abilities, but is stronger and has a different animation (Two arcing sweeps instead of two crosses).




  • Although his recommended level is one of the lowest for chapter 3, his fight is considered one of the hardest as well.
  • Miguel's first set of weaknesses changes between Alfyn's chapter 3 and The Gate of Finis fights (the Light weakness being replaced with a Dark one). It is the only case where weaknesses between a foe and his Gate of Finis counterpart aren't the same.
  • Miguel is the only boss in Alfyn's story who is deceased by the end, as the narrative establishes that killing is not Alfyn's modus operandi, but Miguel's exploitation of his compassionate personality for his own benefit and then wounding an innocent child convinces Alfyn that he is beyond redemption.
  • Miguel is the only main antagonist of a playable character's story who is not the final boss of their story, as the Ogre Eagle attacks Alfyn out of natural instinct to hunt and not with malicious intent.
    • Miguel is also the only main antagonist of a playable character's story who has no connection to Lyblac, directly or indirectly.
      • Mattias directly met Lyblac, who bestowed the power of semi-immortality upon him so that he could corrupt the Sacred Flame into the Dark Flame.
      • Lucia directly met Lyblac and introduced her to Yvon. Lyblac convinced Yvon that he was worthy of the knowledge contained within the tome From the Far Reaches of Hell.
      • Esmeralda has an indirect connection to Lyblac because she is a member of the Obsidians, whose leader directly met Lyblac.
      • Werner directly met Lyblac, who gave him enough money to execute his plan to bring down the Kingdom of Hornburg.
      • Simeon directly met Lyblac, who bestowed the power of semi-immortality upon him so that he and Mattias could co-establish the Obsidians (though this is never explained in-game and comes from the official companion book Octopath Traveler: The Complete Guide).
      • Darius has an indirect connection to Lyblac because he is after the Dragonstones, whose power Lyblac used to unlock the Gate of Finis.
      • Finally, Redeye used to be Graham Crossford before he was manipulated by Lyblac into believing she could help him see his deceased wife again, when in reality Lyblac planned to use him as a vessel for Galdera.

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