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Magic Nut increases a traveler's Elem. Atk stat.

Stat Increase[]

Elem. Atk Magic Nut Size
Traveler (S) (M) (L)
Ophilia 8.4 16.8 33.6
Cyrus 9.1 18.2 36.4
Tressa 8.4 16.8 33.6
Olberic 6.3 12.6 25.2
Primrose 8.4 16.8 33.6
Alfyn 7 14 28
Therion 7 14 28
H'aanit 7 14 28


Size Total Location Method Details
4 East Rippletide Coast Red Chest South of Save Pedestal
North Cobbleston Gap Purple Chest Hidden path at base of grassy ramp
Sunshade Side Story Ria, Born to Roam (I)
S'warkii Side Story Way Through the Woods
(M) 6 Lower Bolderfall Steal/Purchase Omar (Must complete Tressa's Chapter 4)
Grandport Steal/Purchase Merchant, inside Tavern
Marsalim Steal/Purchase Know-It-All Father
Orewell Steal/Purchase Elderly Man
Victors Hollow Steal/Purchase Townsperson, at Town Entrance
Wellspring Side Story Ria, Born to Roam (II)
(L) 3 Goldshore Manor District Steal/Purchase Lysa (Must complete Ophilia's Chapter 4)
Marsalim Side Story Ria, Born to Roam (III)
Northreach Steal/Purchase Angela

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