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Lyblac is a character and the main antagonist of Octopath Traveler. She is also the mastermind behind the events leading to the Bestower of Fame path in Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent.


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The following section contains potential story spoilers!

Lyblac is a demi-goddess witch and the daughter of the fallen god Galdera, who was sealed away by Aelfric, Bringer of the Flame after the former betrayed the other gods and tried to take their power for himself. Lyblac is responsible for manipulating most of the current events in the story for the sole purpose of releasing her father from his prison beyond the Gate of Finis.

217 years prior to the current events, she descended into the world when the Gate of Finis was opened by Salomon. She was present at the scholar's execution, realizing that the sage's granddaughter harbored a great hatred for humanity. Determined to use it for her own ends, Lyblac grants her semi-immortality (i.e. not aging), along with both the Apothecary's and Warrior's Ring.

126 years prior to the current events, she met a wandering prince named Simeon who had defeated his half-brother in a civil war for the throne of the Ventus Dynasty earlier that year, and gave him the same power to extend his lifespan without aging. She also gave him the Thief's Ring.

115 years prior to the current events, she gave the same power to Mattias, a former priest in the Order of the Sacred Flame who had lost his faith after countless lives were lost in a fire started by a lightning-strike, despite his prayers to the gods to save them.

Mattias and Simeon then co-established the Obsidians, a criminal organization of mercenaries to serve as Lyblac's private forces, of which Simeon became the leader. Mattias then established a separate cult that worshipped Galdera with himself as the leader, with the purpose of weakening the Sacred Flame and allowing the dark god's power to gradually enter Orsterra. Simeon provided financial support to Mattias.

24 years prior to the current events, Lyblac employed Werner to destroy the Kingdom of Hornburg in order to gain control of the Gate of Finis.

15 years prior to the current events, she maneuvered with Lucia to install Yvon as the Headmaster of the Atlasdam Royal Academy by having the former headmaster assassinated. This also allowed Lucia and Yvon to steal the tome, From the Far Reaches of Hell.

10 years prior to the current events, she had the Obsidians assassinate Geoffrey Azelhart due to his discovery of the Gate of Finis.

8 years prior to the current events, Hornburg fell to Werner's machinations after Erhardt slew King Alfred, giving Lyblac access to the Gate of Finis.

Around the same time as Hornburg's fall, Lyblac took advantage of the internal strife of House Ravus to steal the Dragonstones. They were the keys created by Odin Crossford, a sorceror with Galdera's blood in his veins, to lock the gate. After unlocking it, she discarded the stones and they were scattered across the country. The Sapphire Dragonstone was eventually recovered by the butler of House Ravus, Heathcote; the Ruby Dragonstone ended up in the possession of Orlick, and the Emerald Dragonstone ended up being sold at the Black Market near Wellspring, where it was stolen by a group of thieves working for Darius, who was already in possession of the Gold Dragonstone.

With the pieces in place to conduct the ritual to awaken the dark god, she turned her attention to the descendants of Odin Crossford, as their bloodline made them possible vessals for Galdera. Graham's wife had died two years prior, and Lyblac tempted him with the promise to resurrect his beloved. Along the way to the Gate, Graham came across a sick boy in Clearbrook named Alfyn and used the medicine intended for his wife to save him instead.

Upon arriving at the Gate of Finis, Lyblac attempted a ritual to convert Graham Crossford into a vessel for Galdera. However, Graham resisted partway through and managed to inflict a fatal blow on her, although she manages to escape and he nevertheless became the abomination known as Redeye. To heal her wounds, she decided to hide in Cerafina's cult until the completion of the Forbidden Night reenactment.

After Cerafina's defeat at the hands of the Chosen One and their allies, she reveals herself to them and admits that she is responsible for most of Cerafina's actions and that the ritual was not to make her a goddess, but to resurrect herself, and that she finally has what she needs to resurrect Galdera: Rinyu, a recent member of the Church of the Sacred Flame, who also possesses the divine blood of the Crossford lineage. With her wounds healed, she challenges the Chosen One and the Knights Ardante in battle but is defeated. Lamenting that she was defeated when she was so close to fulfilling her purpose, she escapes once more.

During current events, Lyblac is looking for Kit, Graham Crossford's son, to finally complete the ritual. She has several Obsidians look for Graham's diary in Tressa's possession in hopes it may have a clue to his whereabouts. During that time she comes under attention of a mercenary named Alphas who is smitten with her, but she has no interest in him. She reveals that she's looking for the "perfect man" who can change the world, and when Alphas finds his true love, Lyblac reveals to the player that she is very close to finding him.

Lyblac eventually finds Kit and lures him to the Gate of Finis, claiming that his father awaited him on the other side. The eight travelers chase after them, and are confronted by eight apparitions of bosses from each of their eight travels. Each destroyed shadow leaves behind a journal, revealing Lyblac's mechanizations as true puppeteer behind the events that started all their journeys. She uses this opportunity to make Kit a vessel for Galdera, successfully resurrecting him.

When the player confronts her she recounts what happened to Graham. Having become aware of the travelers while they were killing her associates/servants/pawns/etc, she reveals she has a purpose for them in her plan. She intends for them to be the first her father devours so that the strength of their souls will feed his power. Having said her piece, Lyblac calls out to her father and awakens him.

Galdera's first action is to absorb his daughter into himself. Finally being united with her father comes as a joy to her.

Lyblac serves as one of the parts of Galdera that must be defeated in the final battle and is ultimately sealed up alongside her father upon their defeat.

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  • Protection: Grants physical defense augmentation to all enemies for 4 turns.
  • Enchantment: Darkness: Causes the Blade of the Fallen to inflict Blindness on its next attack.
  • Enchantment: Fear: Causes the Blade of the Fallen to inflict Terror on its next attack.
  • Elemental Augmentation: Increases the elemental damage of the Abyssal Maw by 50%.
  • Soul Healing: Restores three break shield points on the lowest of the three parts. (Is also used on the lowest HP extremity when broken, does not show any healing, needs clarification.)
  • Auspices of the Fallen: Permanently applies elemental attack up, elemental defense up, physical attack up, physical defense up, evasion up, speed up and accuracy up to Lyblac. Used when Lyblac is the only remaining extremity.
  • Deceleration: Deals dark damage and drains up to 2 BP. Targets physical defense, and can be dodged with Sidestep.
  • Sanguine/Stygian Sorcery: Three hits of heavy fire/dark elemental damage to all party members.
  • Weakness: Inflicts elemental defense down, elemental attack down, physical defense down, physical attack down, speed down, evasion down and critical down to a single party member for 5 turns.


"Hmm...? Why, hello. That light in your eye... You have the look about you I like. ......... But, alas. You're not quite the one I'm looking for. Ahh... I feel I've been searching all my life for that one perfect person... " —to the player (Bolderfall)
""O, Father ...at last...we are together..."" —



  • Despite her main antagonist status, Lyblac does not appear directly in any of the eight travelers' stories.
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