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"A human can only learn so much in its short lifetime. I will gain the time, the power to understand everything." —Lucia

Lucia is a character in Octopath Traveler. She is assistant to the headmaster of the Royal Academy of Atlasdam, Yvon, and is the main antagonist and final boss of Cyrus' story.



Lucia is a woman with long, dark hair and wears a black scholar’s cloak over a purple dress.

After using the blood-crystal, her body becomes hunched and disfigured, with powerful arms and a glowing heart.


Lucia is an intelligent woman who possesses a strong ambition for acquiring new knowledge and an ability to mastermind her plans over the course of many years, but is also a self-centred sociopath. Like Yvon, she does not believe in sharing knowledge for the good of others and thinks of knowledge as something to be sought out for personal gain. She also thinks of other people as disposable pawns to be used for her own purposes, which she demonstrates by deliberately giving Yvon an imperfect blood-crystal without his knowledge after he had unlocked all the secrets within From the Far Reaches of Hell, intending for him to be killed in battle by Cyrus so she can use the knowledge he unlocked for herself. When her research is threatened, she even readily forsakes her own humanity, using a perfect blood-crystal on herself to turn into a deformed but powerful monstrosity.

Lucia has very good control over her emotions, never raising her voice once until her final confrontation with Cyrus in the Ruins of Eld where she becomes excited while attempting to persuade Cyrus to join her in discovering all the world's knowledge. However, Cyrus' rejection of her offer on the grounds that he wants to discover knowledge so that he can share it with others whereas Lucia wants to keep knowledge to herself so that she can feel superior, angers her enough to forsake her calm façade and reveal that, for all her intelligence, she is indeed a very selfish and arrogant woman with no tolerance for any opinions regarding knowledge that differ from her own.

In spite of her arrogance, Lucia is capable of acknowledging her own mistakes, agreeing with Cyrus that she bears responsibility for Yvon's wilful personality that hindered her plans, given that she was the one who had arranged for his accession to the position of headmaster.

Lucia feels a strong contempt for humanity, specifically for their mortality, which she considers to be a weakness. Her contempt is such that she refers to humans as a whole as "it" instead of "they", while expressing her desire to become immortal so that she can acquire all the world's knowledge for herself, though she refers to specific individuals such as Cyrus and Yvon by their proper gender pronouns.


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The following section contains potential story spoilers!

15 years prior to the events of Octopath Traveler, Lucia met Lyblac, and together they plotted to install Yvon as the headmaster of the Atlasdam Royal Academy in order to gain access to the tome From the Far Reaches of Hell.

The two were able to convince Yvon to assassinate the former headmaster so that he might take his place and procure the tome. However, after Yvon was able to unlock the secrets of the tome, Lucia plotted in secret to dispose of him and continue the research herself.

After becoming the new headmaster, Yvon begins using dark magic and stealing knowledge from other places, killing those in his way. When Yvon reprimands Cyrus and puts him on leave due to false rumors about an affair with Princess Mary, Lucia is present. 

Later, she meets the powerful mage named Gideon. Lucia and Yvon use his magic to create Blood Stones by kidnapping people and draining them of blood. She follows Cyrus to Stonegard, informing him of Yvon's scheme to use From the Far Reaches of Hell for evil. She leads Cyrus to the headmaster's birthplace, only to knock him out and imprison him. Before leaving Stonegard, she gives Yvon a flawed blood crystal to use against Cyrus, knowing it would render him unstable and kill him.

Lucia would later appear in Duskbarrow in the Ruins of Eld, where she hoards a myriad of priceless books to conduct her studies in secret. She is confronted by Cyrus, who deduced that she was the true mastermind behind the tome's theft and use. She boasts of her schemes and attempts to sway Cyrus into joining her, but he turns her down, distinguishing his desire to use education for good from her selfish pursuit of knowledge. Flying into a rage, Lucia uses a blood crystal, taking on a similar monstrous form as Yvon did in an attempt to kill Cyrus, which fails as he defeats her and her Blood Stone destroys her.

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Lucia's battle is generally fought in three phases, changing as she recovers from the first two breaks.

The first phase begins with Lucia having only 1 shield and no weaknesses, but immediately increasing them to 30 shields as the very first action and setting her weaknesses to the first set. She will initially only be weak to melee weapons, with the exception of staves. Her skills during this phase are primarily physical attacks.

The second phase begins after she recovers from the first break. Her shields decrease to 15, and her weaknesses change to her second set, which contains all elemental weaknesses except Dark. Her skills during this phase are primarily elemental damage.

The third and final phase begins after she recovers from the second break. Her shields decrease further to 8, and her weaknesses change to her third set. Lucia gains a third action per turn, with the third action always being a health regeneration ability. Her skills during this phase are primarily physical attacks.

  • Physical Perfection // Lucia has gained inhuman strength...: Used as the first action of the battle, superseding all other actions. The following actions occur:
    • Lucia's shields are set to 30
    • Lucia's weaknesses are set to the following: Type Swords.pngType Polearms.pngType Daggers.pngType Axes.pngType Bows.png
    • Lucia uses only the following skills:
      • Attack: Physical attack, single target.
      • Sweep: Physical attack, targets entire party.
      • Wallop: Physical attack, single target. Inflicts Status Unconsciousness.png Unconsciousness for 2-3 turns.
      • Pulverize: Heavy physical attack, single target. Drains target of all BP.
  • Lucia's body has metamorphosed into a hideous form...: Used after recovering from first second break. The following actions occur:
    • Lucia's shields are set to 15
    • Lucia's weaknesses are set to the following: Type Fire.pngType Ice.pngType Lightning.pngType Wind.pngType Light.png
    • Lucia uses only the following skills:
      • Attack: Physical attack, single target.
      • Hellfire: Elemental damage, Type Fire.png. Targets entire party.
      • Shadow Slash: Elemental damage, Type Dark.png. Chance to inflict Status Silence.png Silence for 2-5 turns.
      • Shatter Soul: Heavy physical attack, single target. Deals 999 damage to target's SP.
  • Lucia is losing control of her body...: Used after recovering from the second break. The following actions occur:
    • Lucia's shields are set to 8 for the remainder of the battle
    • Lucia's weaknesses are set to the following: Type Swords.pngType Axes.pngType Lightning.pngType Light.png
    • Lucia uses only the following skills:
      • Attack: Physical attack, single target.
      • Berserk Rage: Physical attack, targets random allies. Hits up to 4 times.
      • Pulverize: Heavy physical attack, single target. Drains target of all BP.
      • Shatter Soul: Heavy physical attack, single target. Deals 999 damage to target's SP.
      • Lucia is screaming in tongues...: Lucia enters boost mode for 1 turn. Uses Almighty Curse if not broken before Lucia's next action.
        • Almighty Curse: Effect. Targets entire party. The following effects occur:
          • Reduces HP of entire party to 1.
          • Heals Lucia for the total of all HP removed.
          • The effect cannot be reflected through skills such as Reflective Veil nor avoided through Sidestep.
    • Lucia increases her actions per turn to three. Third action is always Lucia's body begins to regenerate...
      • Lucia's body begins to regenerate...: Always used as the third action per turn. Lucia recovers 2% of her maximum health (1681 HP).


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"We are true seekers of knowledge - you and I!" —To Cyrus



Lucia means light in multiple languages, derived from Lux (Latin).


  • Lucia is the only main story boss whose shields decrease after recovering from a successful break.
  • Lucia is also the only boss who is fought before accomplishing the chapter's objectives.
  • Lucia has the lowest amount of HP of all the Chapter 4 bosses, to compensate for her high number of shields.

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