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Light Nut increases a traveler's Speed stat.

Stat Increase[]

Speed Light Nut Size
Traveler (S) (M) (L)
Ophilia 5.6 11.2 22.4
Cyrus 6.3 12.6 25.2
Tressa 5.6 11.2 22.4
Olberic 7 14 28
Primrose 9.1 18.2 36.4
Alfyn 5.6 11.2 22.4
Therion 8.4 16.8 33.6
H'aanit 7 14 28


Size Total Location Method Details
3 Bolderfall Side Story Kaia, Mother of Dragons (I)
Goldshore Side Story The Merchant's Path
Hoarfrost Grotto Red Chest South of Save Pedestal
(M) 5 Grandport Steal/Purchase Merchant, inside Tavern
Quarrycrest Side Story Kaia, Mother of Dragons (II)
Saintsbridge Steal/Purchase Tim (Must complete Alfyn's Chapter 4)
Victors Hollow: The Arena Steal/Purchase Arena Attendant
Wellspring Steal/Purchase Bale (During Olberic's Chapter 3, or after completing Olberic's Chapter 4)
(L) 4 Duskbarrow Steal/Purchase Woodlands Know-it-all (Must complete Cyrus' Chapter 4 and begin Russell's Repentance)
Grandport Markets Steal/Purchase Female Townsperson (NPC directly on your right when entering Market area)
Orewell Side Story Kaia, Mother of Dragons (III)
Wispermill Steal/Purchase Slender Farmer (Must complete Ophilia's Chapter 4)

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