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Lianna Clement is a character in Octopath Traveler. She is Ophilia's adoptive sister as well as being the deuteragonist of her story.



Lianna has long, brown hair tied in a braid, and her eyes are a dark blue. Like her adopted sister, Lianna is garbed in a white cleric dress that reaches her ankles with blue godets and gold accents, and wears brown gloves.


Lianna is a charitable young woman, being quick to bond with Ophilia when they were children following the deaths of the latter's parents by war and helping her enjoy life again. She loves her adopted sister dearly, and is loved by her in return. Lianna is more outspoken and energetic than Ophilia, who is more soft-spoken and gentle. Lianna is also dutiful as a cleric of the Church, and has a good reputation within Flamesgrace. Her father, Archbishop Josef himself, has noticed that, while Lianna has exceeded his expectations as a cleric, she has sacrificed much of her true feelings and desires for the sake of her duties.

Lianna, like Ophilia, deeply loves her father. However, unlike Ophilia, Lianna has not personally experienced the pain of losing a loved one, leaving her more vulnerable to the manipulations of a dark cultist after Josef falls seriously ill and eventually dies, who takes advantage of her lack of experience with death to essentially brainwash her into believing that turning to Galdera can resurrect Josef. Lianna's grief over her father's death is such that not even the revelation that she had been deceived is enough to motivate her to stop the dark ritual she initiated under the cult's influence. It is not until Ophilia reminds her that those who have passed on to the afterlife remain in the hearts of those who knew them in this world, that Lianna gains the strength to stop the ritual.

Following the combined trauma of losing her father, guilt at nearly releasing Galdera's power into Orsterra and losing the trust of the people of Flamesgrace, Lianna falls into depression and shuts herself away, much like Ophilia did fifteen years ago. After Ophilia works to comfort her, Lianna begins to recover and tries to atone for her past actions.


15 years prior to the events of Octopath Traveler, Ophilia was orphaned following a war that ravaged her homeland. She was adopted by Archbishop Josef, Lianna's father, but shut herself away due to the despair of losing her family. Wishing to bond with her new sister, Lianna took Ophilia to her favorite place, a hilltop that oversees the cathedral.

Lianna was to be the next Flamebearer and perform the Kindling, but her father lay on death's door after being discreetly poisoned by Mattias. Sensing that her sister did not want to leave their father's side, Ophilia ventured into the Cave of Origin and retrieved the Sacred Flame herself, deciding she would perform the Kindling in Lianna's stead.

Archbishop Josef succumbs to the poison around the time Ophilia lights the Sacred Flame in Goldshore. Overwhelmed with sadness by her father's passing, Lianna is approached by Mattias, who deceives her into believing he can bring her father back to life if she steals the Sacred Flame. Under his orders, Lianna meets Ophilia in Goldshore and drugs her in order to steal Aelfric's Lanthorn.

Lianna serves as Mattias's vestal in Wispermill during the ceremony in the Ebony Grotto to bring Galdera's Flame to Orsterra, under the persisting belief that it will resurrect her father. The ceremony is interrupted and she is brought back to her senses when Ophilia arrives and reminded her of a lesson by her father in their childhood.

After Mattias's defeat by Ophilia and her comrades, she returned to Flamesgrace with Ophilia. However, due to the events at Wispermill, her father's death, and losing much of the people's trust due to her actions, she shut herself away from everyone similar to what her adopted sister did 15 years ago. It was only when Ophilia reached out to her and brought her to their favorite place that she started to open up again and began to recover from her hardships.

In the post-game she appears in an optional quest with Eliza Woodward in Wispermill, working to do good and move on from the past.



"Thank you." —Purchase
"Ophilia! Yes, I would be happy to accompany you." —Guide
"Thank you. I hope to see you again." —Part Ways
"Stop that!" —Failure



The name Lianna means "Daughter of the sun".


  • After completing Ophilia and H'aanit's stories, Lianna can first be found in Flamesgrace Cathedral and later on in Wispermill to start an optional quest with her and Eliza.

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