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In Octopath Traveler, Knowledge is needed for completing certain quests. It is gained via the Scrutinize or the Inquire Path Actions.

List of Knowledge[]

A name surrounded by brackets in the ‘Quest‘ column indicates, that this is a main Quest of the respective Character.

Name Description Obtain Source Quest
The Guard‘s Situation He knows little of the true value of the books he guards and the archive keys he keeps. Atlasdam The guard at the entrance to the library A Mystery is Afoot (Cyrus)
Marta‘s Gang Information about the chivalrous actions of Marta‘s Gang Bolderfall The Bandits' Code
A Use for Textiles Instructions on how to create pantaloons with Gendy‘s fabrics Noblecourt
The Headmaster’s Situation He keeps his keys safe at all times and hasn‘t left his office lately Atlasdam Headmaster Yvon A Mystery is Afoot (Cyrus)
Librarian‘s Testimony “Only the headmaster and the guard possess keys to the archives.“ Atlasdam Librarian Mercedes A Mystery is Afoot (Cyrus)
Russell‘s Situation He has quite a debt and understands the true value of the tomes. Atlasdam Russell A Mystery is Afoot (Cyrus)
Where the Ice Giant sleeps Information about the jötun in Hoarfrost Grotto. The Slumbering Giant
An Eyewitness Account It seams someone else was there that day, and can prove a certain man‘s innocence. Flamesgrace The Innocent Inmate
Rumors of a Knight Ardante Hearsay about the knight revered by his peers. Flamesgrace Cathedral Former Knight Ardante Sir Miles, Servant of the Flame (I)
Project Plans Plans created to improve the living conditions of the impoverished people. Bolderfall Sparks of Revolution
The Song of Sokrath Lyrical information about a legendary knight.
The Jellypeno A tip from a reliable source about a potentialy profitable vegetable.
Where the Giant Boar Roams The wherabouts of the Hunteer‘s Rites quarry
Father and Figther Information about the boys father, who was a swordsman. Victors Hollow Doting Aunt (between the church and the Tavern) Arena Aspirations
Mont d‘Or‘s Condition A report on the figther‘s condition. Victors Hollow A Promising Venture
Estada‘s Condition A report on the figther‘s condition. Victors Hollow A Promising Venture
Byron Family Lineage The history of the once-noble house of Byron. S'warkii Highbrow Historian
How to Train a Tiger Details on the little-known art of tiger rearing. S'warkii Sholar of Beasts A Cub with No Name
Tale of the Beast Tamers The beast tamers of the Greenwood tribe used forbidden magic and lost their minds to the monsters they sougth to control S'warkii Old Storyteller
Witness Testimony Day and night, people who turn the corner by the inn have been known to just vanish... Quarrycrest The Case of the Missing Villagers (Cyrus)
The Sewers Behind the inn is an entrance to the sewers. Quarrycrest (Cyrus)
Where the Incidents happend It seems the people who have gone missing disappeared by the inn. Quarrycrest (Cyrus)
Nina‘s Secret It seems like Nina was bitten by a blotted viper in the Cave of Rhiyo.
Meryl‘s Past Knowledge that Meryl‘s mother and father are not her birth parents. Clearbrook Meryl, Lost then Found (I)
Gravekeeper‘s Information Informatin about the Ventus Dynasty.
A Safe Route Details on a safe Travel route for merchants. West Goldshore Coast Knowledgeable Traveler (next to the bridge near Goldshore)
Early Ice Thawing The reason behind the rising river waters.
The Giant Serpent‘s Master Information about the giant serpent in the Quicksand Caves. Northern Wellspring Sands Injured Scout Shadow over the Sands
Vanessa‘s Destination It seems Vanessa has been making regular trips to the Caves of Azure. Goldshore (Alfyn)
Gossip of Glowworm Moss It seems Vanessa has been talking about a plant called ‘Glowworm Moss‘. Goldshore (Alfyn)
The Book‘s Whereabouts It seems the book was sold to a man named Dominic. Stonegard (Cyrus)
Dominic‘s Seclusion Dominic has closed himself off from the world since losing his only daugther. Stonegard (Cyrus)
Dominic‘s Troubles Fifteen year ago, Dominic cam many times to by medicine, but had money troubles. Stonegard (Cyrus)
Dominic‘s Remorse Dominic regrets translateing a certain tome for money. Stonegard (Cyrus)
Dragon of the Frostlands Information about the dragon in the Frostlands. Here Be Dragons
Dragon of the Cliftlands Information about the dragon in the Cliftlands. Here Be Dragons
Dragon of the Highlands Information about the dragon in the Highlands. Here Be Dragons
Alphas‘s Poem A Poem expressing the writer‘s innermost emotions. Bolderfall Daughter of the Dark God (II)
City of Gold A legend about the mystical golden City. Marsalim Scholary Youth (Above the right stairs) City of Gold
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