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Buff Increased Speed.png Increased Speed is a Buff in Octopath Traveler.


For the duration of the effect, this characters Speed is believed to increase by +50% (this is currently untested). Also, each time the buff is applied to a character, their position in the turn order in the next round advances by +1 spot. Additional applications of the same buff on the same target additively stack the remaining duration, up to a maximum of 9 turns.


Buff Increased Speed.png Increased Speed can be applied using the Dancer skill Panther Dance or the Starseer skill Starsong.

Skill Job Target SP Cost Duration
Panther Dance Dancer One ally 4 2 turns
Starsong Starseer One ally 25 2 turns


Buff Increased Speed.png Increased Speed can be removed by Debuff Decreased Speed.png Decreased Speed.

It can be prevented by Buff Celestial Intervention.png Celestial Intervention (Enemy).

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