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"Is it finally over? I must say, at least her last performance had some life. If she'd shown that sort of potential earlier, I might have kept her on longer." —Helgenish, mocking Yusufa's last words after murdering her

Helgenish is a character in Octopath Traveler. He is an abusive tavern-owner in Sunshade who treats the dancers in his employment like slaves, who Primrose is working for at the beginning of her story as a means to find info on one of the three men who murdered her father when she was a girl. He is the first boss of Primrose's story.



Helgenish wears a red shirt with a black Napoleon jacket, white pants, and black boots. He is mostly bald, with only red hair growing on the sides, and has a moustache.


Helgenish is an utter brute who enslaves the dancers at his tavern and regularly abuses, brutalizes, and demeans them with every opportunity he can, insisting they call him "master". At the same time, he is very narcissistic, believing that, because he gives the destitute dancers a place to stay, he is a kind and generous man who has the right to treat them the way he does and whom nobody else has any right to criticize or disagree with, refusing to consider that he can ever be in the wrong. He viciously beats anyone who thoroughly displeases him to near-death and tosses them out into the streets to die, and as Primrose eventually finds out, is even willing to commit murder to get what he wants. He also often refers to the dancers, especially Primrose, as cats in order to dehumanize them. Despite this abhorrence, he is shown to speak very nervously in the presence of Rufus.


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The following section contains potential story spoilers!

8 years prior to the events of Octopath Traveler, Primrose began working as a dancer under Helgenish in hopes that she might find one of the men who murdered her father, Geoffrey Azelhart. Primrose becomes Helgenish's favorite dancer. He asserts that she owes him a debt for taking her in, asking that she repay him with her best onstage and with personal favors.

One day, Helgenish gets a visit by Rufus, one of the men who murdered Primrose's father, in the tavern and meets him in an isolated area in the city to receive orders and a map to his location.

Helgenish later confronts Primrose upon the latter exiting out of the Sunshade Catacombs. Taking Yusufa as a hostage, he has his men brutally torture Yusufa, keeping her alive only long enough for Primrose to find them. Intending to set an example, he stabs Yusufa and tosses her off a cliff, cruelly mocking her last words and noting that "if she'd showed that kind of potential earlier, maybe I would've kept her on longer!" Enraged by his murder of her friend, Primrose finally turns on Helgenish and duels him. After Primrose defeats him, he asks her to dance for him once more. While her back is turned, he charges at her. However, Primrose anticipates his attack and slits his throat. He spins around, collapses, and dies while Primrose bitterly complimented that he was "quite the dancer himself in the end". She takes the map given to him by Rufus and sets out for Stillsnow in pursuit.

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Helgenish will begin battle with 2 Helgenish's Lackeys at his side.


  • Attack: Physical attack, single target.
  • Double Slap: Physical attack, single target. Strikes twice.
  • Oppressive Shadow: Elemental damage, Type Dark.png. Targets entire party+Lower Phys.Atk
  • Helgenish is trembling with anger...: Helgenish enters boost mode for 1 turn. Uses Know your place if not broken before Helgenish's next action.
    • Know Your Place: Heavy physical attack, targets entire party. Hits twice.

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  • Attack
  • Slice - Moderate physical damage to single target.


"Urrrrrrrrrk..." —Death



  • Helgenish is one of two bosses featured in the Project Octopath Traveler Demo, the other being Gaston.
  • Despite being an early-game antagonist, Helgenish manages to be one of the most unpleasant characters in the entire game due to his enslavement of women working at his tavern, lusting after Primrose, narcissism, and murdering Yusufa for the sake of intimidation.
  • Helgenish is an antithesis to Archbishop Josef from Ophilia's story and Z'aanta from H'aanit's story. All three of them took in one girl each who would become three of the eight protagonists, but while Josef and Z'aanta raise Ophilia and H'aanit lovingly, Helgenish treats Primrose like a sex slave with no regard for her feelings.
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