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Dreisang is a character in Octopath Traveler. He is an optional boss at the end of the Archmagus Shrine. Once defeated, he will bestow the Sorcerer job.


Dreisang is one of the gods of the Orsterra pantheon. The tome Trial of the Twelve, Volume VII describes how the twelve gods sealed away a “terrible power,” the thirteenth god Galdera.


Dreisang will begin battle with 4 shields, but will increase them by 3 after recovering from each break, up to a total of 10 shields. He will change weaknesses after recovering from each break, in the order shown above.

  • Dreisang stands imposingly before you... Used when Dreisang recovers from a break. Dreisang gains 3 additional shields, up to a maximum of 10. Weaknesses change to a different set.
Divine Majesty will not remove existing buffs and status enhancements. Buff Celestial Intervention.png Celestial Intervention (Ally) will not only negate all of Divine Majesty's effects, but also prevent Divine Majesty from even being applied.
  • Ignis Ardere: Elemental damage, Type Fire.png. Targets entire party. Hits three times.
  • Glacies Claudere: Elemental damage, Type Ice.png. Targets entire party. Hits three times.
  • Tonitrus Canere: Elemental damage, Type Lightning.png. Targets entire party. Hits three times.
  • Ventus Saltare: Elemental damage, Type Wind.png. Targets entire party. Hits three times.
  • Lux Congerere: Elemental damage, Type Light.png. Targets entire party. Hits three times.
  • Tenebrae Operire: Elemental damage, Type Dark.png. Targets entire party. Hits three times.
  • Element Break: Heavy physical attack, single target. Applies Debuff Decreased Elemental Attack.png Decreased Elemental Attack and Debuff Decreased Elemental Defense.png Decreased Elemental Defense for 4 turns.
  • Element Steal: Targets entire party. Removes 20% of maximum SP from all allies. Dreisang recovers SP equivalent to the sum of the SP removed.
  • Might of the Archmagus: Buff/Debuff. Targets Dreisang and all allies. Applies the following:
  • Extreme Elemental Augmentation: Usable once Dreisang reaches 50% of his maximum HP. All of Dreisang’s spells are upgraded to Maximus versions, dealing additional damage. The effect is removed on a break, but can be reapplied throughout the battle.
    • Ignis Maximus: Heavy elemental damage, Type Fire.png. Targets entire party. Hits three times.
    • Glacies Maximus: Heavy elemental damage, Type Ice.png. Targets entire party. Hits three times.
    • Tonitrus Maximus: Heavy elemental damage, Type Lightning.png. Targets entire party. Hits three times.
    • Ventus Maximus: Heavy elemental damage, Type Wind.png. Targets entire party. Hits three times.
    • Lux Maximus: Heavy elemental damage, Type Light.png. Targets entire party. Hits three times.
    • Tenebrae Maximus: Heavy elemental damage, Type Dark.png. Targets entire party. Hits three times.


Dreisang’s attacks consist primarily of the spells used by the sorcerer class (Ignis Ardere, Ventus Saltare, Tenebrae Operire, etc.) Each one hits three times for elemental damage of its respective element.

Considering that, Dreisang can be defeated easily by having a Dancer use Sealticge's Seduction on a Cleric, and having said Cleric use a MAX boosted Reflective Veil. This must be done after the status enhancement lock from Divine Majesty has worn off. If your Cleric is able to cast Aelfric's Auspices before hand you can double the Reflective Veil up to 8x per cast. With the Merchant skill Donate BP you can double this up to 16x before the buffs wear off.

However, note that you can prevent Divine Majesty outright by investing heavily in Speed on a Dancer, a Starseer, and one other ally so that they act before Dreisang can cast it.

  1. Have one ally use either a Energizing Pomegranate (M) (any ally), a Boosting Balm (Alfyn), or a single-boosted Donate BP (Merchant) onto the Dancer.
  2. Have the Dancer cast Sealticge's Seduction on the Starseer.
  3. Using the Starseer to apply Celestial Intervention to your entire party. If your Starseer is Ophilia, they can immediately follow this up with Reflective Veil.


"Thou wouldst learn the lost secrets I hold...? Then first, thou must prove thy worth!" —Before battle



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