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This article is about the buff. For the skill of the same name, see Dark Rune.

Buff Dark Rune.png Dark Rune is a Buff in Octopath Traveler.


For the duration of the effect, your standard attacks and physical attack skills are modified so that each attack will be followed by the skill Shadowy Pursuit, dealing damage to every target struck by the original attack. The follow up attack is made with a +100 hit modifier. Multi-hit attacks will only trigger the follow-up attack once. Additional applications of the same buff onto the same target stack the remaining duration additively, up to a maximum of 9 turns.

Only one Elemental Rune may be active on a target at one time. Casting another rune overwrites the previous and resets the duration.


Shadowy Pursuit Damage = 8 x [Attacker E.Atk - (Target E.Def x 0.275)]

The attack uses your E.Atk value with the weapon you have currently equipped when the Pursuit is invoked, i.e. the weapon you attacked with. This is in contrast to normal elemental attack skills, which use the weapon you have the highest E.Atk value with.

Other Multipliers[]

  • All damage scales with the level of the attacker (see Level Multiplier)
  • All damage has a random multiplier (from x0.98 to x1.02) applied to it for each hit
  • Critical hits deal x1.25 damage.
  • Hitting an enemy with a weakness to Dark deals x1.3 damage (or x1.5 with Stronger Strikes); hitting a Broken enemy instead deals x2.0 damage
  • The Buff Increased Elemental Attack.png Increased Elemental Attack buff on the attacker or the Debuff Decreased Elemental Defense.png Decreased Elemental Defense on the target increases damage by x1.5; with both, the total multiplier is x2.25
  • Having a Adamantine Dagger Phys. Atk +167
    Elem. Atk +299
    Evasion +98
    Equip: Increases Dark damage dealt by +30%
    equipped increases damage by x1.3

For more details see Damage Formula.


Buff Dark Rune.png Dark Rune is applied by the Runelord skill of the same name, Dark Rune.


Skill Job Target SP Cost Duration
Dark Rune Runelord Self 15 3 turns


Buff Dark Rune.png Dark Rune is prevented with Debuff Celestial Intervention.png Celestial Intervention (Enemy).