Octopath Traveler Wiki
Component Concoction Description Effect
Soothing Seed Curious Balm Single ally
Restores HP
Speeds action next turn
Restores 1000 HP to single ally. Ally turn priority moved to front. Does not supersede foes recovering from break.
Soothing Dust Curious Mist All allies
Restores HP
Prevents all status ailments
Restores 800 HP to all allies. Removes all current negative status effects and applies Buff Rehabilitate.png Rehabilitate buff for 1 turn.
Purifying Seed Curious Balm+ Single ally
Restores HP
Grants physical attack evasion
Restores 3000 HP to single ally. Target ally gains 1 charge of Buff Sidestep.png Sidestep.
Purifying Dust Nameless Panacea All allies
Restores HP
Grants HP regeneration
Restores 1600 HP to all allies. All allies gain 3 turns of Buff Regen HP.png Regen HP.
Injurious Seed Curious Powder Type Fire.png Single foe
Fire-based attack x3
Elemental damage, Type Fire.png. Single target. Hits three times.
Injurious Dust Curious Incense Type Ice.png All foes
Ice-based attack
Elemental damage, Type Ice.png. Targets all foes. Applies Debuff Leghold Trap.png Leghold Trap for 1 turn.
Ruinous Seed Bizarre Powder Type Fire.png Single foe
Light-based attack
Lightning-based attack
Wind-based attack
Elemental damage, Type Light.pngType Lightning.pngType Wind.png. Single target. Hits once per element.
Ruinous Dust Bizarre Incense Type Fire.png All foes
Dark-based attack x3 Type Dark.png
Elemental damage, Type Dark.png. Targets all foes. Hits three times. Removes all buffs on foes. Applies Debuff Celestial Intervention.png Celestial Intervention for 3 turns.