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Cleric is a job in Octopath Traveler. It is Ophilia's primary job.

Clerics are your token white mage, versed in healing and Light magic, being the only job of the initial eight to learn AoE healing spells and Light spells naturally. However, in exchange for multi-target healing, Clerics' healing spells restore less HP than Apothecaries' single-target ones. As a result, Clerics work well fighting alongside Apothecaries, providing healing if needed or if an Apothecary needs to use their Axe or Rehabilitate that round, and vice-versa.

Clerics are also notable for their ability to apply the Buff Increased Elemental Defense.png Increased Elemental Defense buff (which the Dancer job lacks) to allies with Sheltering Veil, and for Reflective Veil to reflect enemy magic attacks. As such, Clerics are very effective support units and niche spellcasters.

Clerics wield Staves as weapons, which tend to enhance Elem. Atk. over Phys. Atk. (though there are some exceptions, like the War Hammer and Morning Star); this complements their magic-oriented playstyle. The Cleric job's fourth support skill, Saving Grace, is widely considered among the best support skills in the entire game. Likewise, their Divine Skill, Aelfric's Auspices, is widely considered among the best Divine Skills in the entire game.


Skill SP Damage Type Description
Heal Wounds 8 Restore HP to all allies.
Holy Light 6 Type Light.png Inflict light-based damage on a single foe.
Sheltering Veil 6 Augment a single ally's elemental defense for 2 turns.
Luminescence 9 Type Light.png Deal light-based damage to all foes.
Heal More 25 Restore a large amount of HP to all allies.
Reflective Veil 22 Grant a single ally the ability to reflect one elemental attack.
Revive 50 Revive all incapacitated allies.
Aelfric's Auspices 30 [Divine Skill] For 3 turns, skills performed by a single chosen ally will trigger twice (this will not effect other divine skills).

Support Skills[]



4 Persistence All status enhancements you receive will last for one additional turn.
5 Inner Strength Increases the maximum SP of the equipped character by 50.
6 Evil Ward Increases the party's success rate when attempting to flee (equipping this skill with multiple characters will have no added effect).
7 Saving Grace Grants the equipping character the ability to be healed above their maximum HP.


The Cleric secondary job is unlocked at the Shrine of the Flamebearer. With its focus on AoE healing and Light spells, the Cleric job is recommended for support- and/or magic-oriented characters.

  • Alfyn is surprisingly one of the best choices for the Cleric job, considering that his Phys. Atk. is noticably higher than his Elem. Atk.. In addition to Staves and Light magic for additional coverage, the Cleric job further expands the supportive capabilities of Alfyn's primary Apothecary job, with Sheltering Veil and Reflective Veil to protect allies from magic attacks. In addition, Alfyn's talent, Concoct, lets him use Essences of Pomegranate to easily restore BP for Aelfric's Auspices (or Dohter's Charity, the Apothecary's divine skill). However, the Cleric's healing spells are outclassed by the Healing Balm+/Grapewood Panacea concocted by Purifying Seed/Dust + Essence of Grape, respectively; but if you are low or out of ingredients, Alfyn is tied with Tressa for the third-highest Elem. Def. of the eight protagonists, so he's still an effective healer in such a situation.
  • Cyrus benefits from the Cleric job's Light spells complementing his primary Scholar job's Fire, Ice and Lightning spells, especially since he has the highest Elem. Atk. of the eight protagonists. Having the second-highest Elem. Def. of the eight protagonists after Ophilia (whose primary job is already Cleric) also means he is a very effective healer. The Cleric job's second support skill, Inner Strength, further complements Cyrus' SP-reliant playstyle. However, since Cyrus is your token black mage, it can be difficult to fully optimize Cleric Cyrus' role as a magic attacker, and he gains no additional weapons because both the Cleric and Scholar jobs wield only Staves.
  • Tressa can be effective as a Cleric if you plan on giving her a supporting role, because she has balanced stats and her primary Merchant job already has a balance between offensive and supportive skills. Tressa is tied with Alfyn for the third-highest Elem. Def. of the eight protagonists, making her an effective healer. Cleric Tressa also gains access to Staves and Light magic in addition to her primary job's Polearms, Bows and Wind magic, giving her five different means of coverage.
  • Primrose, despite her primary Dancer job being support-oriented and noticably higher Elem. Atk. than Phys. Atk., is not recommended to run as a Cleric, because her Elem. Def. is tied for the lowest of the eight protagonists, which diminishes her healing capabilities. That said, having Primrose fight alongside a Cleric works very well. In particular, the Dancer's divine skill, Sealticge's Seduction, can be cast on a Cleric so that they can cast Reflective Veil on all allies instead of a single ally. In turn, the Cleric's divine skill, Aelfric's Auspices, can be cast on a Dancer so that they can apply buffs with increased duration to allies without spending BP.
  • As far as support skills go, besides the staple Saving Grace, recommended support skills for Clerics include: Inner Strength (early-game), Elemental Augmentation (early-game), Hang Tough, SP Saver, Surpassing Power (late-game), The Show Goes On, Second Wind, Resist Ailments, Patience, Divine Aura and Elemental Edge.
  • As far as weapons go, the Bishop's Staff is a good weapon for Clerics because it increases the power of the user's Light spells.


Main article: Shrine of the Flamebearer

Shrine of the Flamebearer

Shrine of the Flamebearer will grant the secondary job Cleric. Located in the Frostlands and west of Stillsnow.

Notable Clerics[]


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