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Boost is a battle mechanic in Octopath Traveler that makes regular attacks strike multiple times, increases the damage output of skills, and increases the number of turns buffs/debuffs last for.

BP Cost[]

At the beginning of a battle, each character will have 1 BP (short for "Boost Point"). Each character's BP will be increased by +1 BP at the beginning of each new turn, unless they boosted the previous turn. Each character can have a maximum of 5 BP. Before performing an action, the player can use the Boost mechanic, consuming up to 3 BP to increase the power of the current character's actions per boost.


The effect from boosting is determined by the type of action. If performing a regular attack, the character will strike again per boost. If performing a damaging skill, damage will be increased by +90–100% per boost. If performing a buffing/debuffing skill, the number of turns it will remain in effect will be increased by +2 turns per boost (max. 9).



  • Donate BP: A Merchant skill that grants +1 BP to a single other ally.
  • BP Boost: A Starseer skill that grants a single ally to gain +2 BP at the beginning of each turn for 2 turns, instead of +1 BP. Note that an ally with the Buff BP Boost BP Boost buff will still gain no BP if they boosted the previous turn.

Support Skills[]

  • Boost-Start: A Starseer support skill that gives the equipped character 2 BP at the start of a battle, instead of 1.
  • BP Eater: A Starseer support skill. While boosted, damage dealt by the equipped character's skills (not regular attacks) is increased by an additional +50%.


  • The Status Terror Terror status prevents the afflicted character from gaining BP or boosting. Consequentially, they also cannot use Divine Skills because they cost 3 BP to use.


  • At max boost, a brilliant white-blue flame aura surrounds party members, symbolizing power similar to that of the Sacred Flame.