"Welcome to Bolderfall, the largest settlement here in the Cliftlands." —Townsperson at Bolderfall's entrance

Bolderfall is a major town location in Octopath Traveler, located in the Cliftlands. The town borders Quarrycrest to the west, the Woodlands to the northeast, and Clearbrook to the south. Bolderfall is a town vertically layered to sort by the inhabitants class, with the wealthiest sitting at the top, the shops and inns in the middle, and the commoner district found at the bottom. This city is where Therion begins his adventure, looking to steal the riches within Ravus Manor.


Bolderfall is a large town embedded within the red plateaus and mountains of the Cliftlands. The buildings are found embedded within steep cliffsides. Steep staircases can be used to travel to the various vertical levels. The highest level of Bolderfall holds Ravus Manor, a giant estate amongst flowerbeds and trees with a heavy security presence. Rumors of the manor's riches have led many thieves to unsuccessful heists.

The middle layer of Bolderfall is the business district where the Armorer, Provisioner, and the Inn can be found. The residents of this area are notably in the middle of the town's economy, and some inhabitants fear the lower district as a place of crime. The commoner district is home to the tavern and a wide amount of the town's housing.


Armorer Building ArmorerEdit

The Armorer can be found in Lower Bolderfall.

Provisioner Building ProvisionerEdit

The Provisioner can be found in the middle district of Bolderfall, near the entrance to the town.

Type Name Price Description
Item Grapes Healing Grape 50 Restores HP to a single ally.
Item Plums Inspiriting Plum 240 Restores SP to a single ally.
Item Olives Olive of Life 500 Revives and restores HP to single fallen ally.
Item Herbs Herb of Clarity 30 Cures a single ally of confusion.
Item Herbs Herb of Valor 30 Cures a single ally of terror.
Item Default Soothing Seed 5 Mild medicinal component of small volume.
Item Default Injurious Seed 5 Mild hazardous substance of small volume.
Item Default Essence of Grape 40 Component that restores health.


Major NPCs Edit

Minor NPCs Edit

Bolderfall Edit

Cliftlands-woman                      Townsperson
Cliftlands-girl                      Egg Seeking Girl
Cliftlands-old-woman                      Elderly Woman
Cliftlands-old-man                      Old Man
Old-nobleman                      Proud Collector
Flatlands-old-man                      Cliftlands Know-it-all
Woodlands-woman                      Genteel Madam (Way Through the Woods Complete)
Woodlands-man                      Industrious Husband
Cliftlands-merchant-2                      Merchant
Cliftlands-guard                      Stern Guardsman
Nobleman-2                      Enlightened Aristocrat
Riverlands-old-man                      Gentle Graybeard
Cliftlands-man                      Townsperson
Sunlands-merchant                      Beastmaster
Cliftlands-merchant                      Merchant

Lower Bolderfall Edit

Pauper-m                      Pauper
Flatlands-man                      Veteran Brigand
Highlands-man                      Fledgling Bandit (The Bandit's Code Guide/Allure Route)
Pauper-f                      Pauper
Cliftlands-old-man                      Townsperson
Pauper-m2                      Pauper Revolutionary
Pauper-m2                      Pauper Revolutionary (Sparks of Revolution Scrutinize/Inquire Route)
Nobleman-2                      Enlightened Aristocrat (Sparks of Revolution Inquire/Scrutinize Route)
Cliftlands-guard                      Stern Guardsman (Sparks of Revolution Steal/Purchase Route)
Noble-merchant                      Wealthy Merchant

Ravus Manor Gate Edit

Cliftlands-guard                      Guard
Cliftlands-guard                      Guard
Highlands-old-man                      Guard Captain
Cliftlands-guard                      Guard
Cliftlands-guard                      Guard
Cliftlands-guard                      Guard
Dog                      Guard Dog
Dog                      Guard Dog
Dog                      Guard Dog


  • Red Chest Leaf 1,000
  • Purple Chest
    Stinging Dagger
    Phys. Atk +26
    Evasion +18
    Attack: Occasionally poisons target

Side StoriesEdit



Story: Therion Chapter 1 Tale complete


  • As it is Therion's starting city, every NPC in town can be stolen from without a chance of failure. However, after Therion's first chapter has been completed, some new NPCs will show up with new items with a lower chance to successfully steal them.

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