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Battle-tested equipment are among the most powerful in the game.

Each Battle-tested equipment can be obtained from two sources:

  1. Purchasing or stealing from specific NPCs completing corresponding character's Chapter 4 stories. Additional Side Stories may also need to be completed. Only 1 of each may be obtained in this manner.
  2. Challenging or provoking a specific NPC, typically of 10 strength. There is no limit to the number of each equipment one can acquire, however the drop rate is extremely low (estimated 2%).
Equipment Stats Purchase/Steal Challenge/Provoke
Battle-tested Blade

Phys. Atk + 400
Critical +150
Attack: Augments physical abilities

• Complete Olberic Chapter 4
• Purchase from Erhardt in Wellspring

• Townsperson in house in Lower Bolderfall

Battle-tested Spear

Phys. Atk + 390
Critical +148
Attack: Occasionally blinds target

• Complete Tressa and Therion Chapter 4
• Complete Mikk and Makk Make Good Side Story
• Purchase from Captain Leon in Rippletide

• Elderly Woman in Rippletide

Battle-tested Dagger

Phys. Atk + 380
Evasion +140
Attack: Occasionally decreases target's accuracy

• Complete Alfyn Chapter 4
• Purchase from Vanessa Hysel in Undertow Cove

• Guard Captain in Ravus Manor Gate

Battle-tested Axe

Phys. Atk +350
Elem. Atk +250
Equip: Increases lightning and ice damage dealt

• Complete Olberic Chapter 4
• Purchase from Ned in Victors Hollow

• Tavern Patron in Atlasdam

Battle-tested Bow

Phys. Atk +384
Critical +186
Attack: Occasionally decreases target's Phys. Def.

• Complete H'aanit Chapter 4
• Purchase from Z'aanta in S'warkii

• Old Storyteller in S'warkii

Battle-tested Staff

Phys. Atk +212
Elem. Atk +399
Attack: Occasionally slows target

• Complete Ophilia Chapter 4
• Purchase from Bishop Bartolo in Saintsbridge

• Elderly Woman in Clearbrook

Battle-tested Shield

Phys. Def +132
Evasion -88
Equip: Restores HP and SP after every action

• Complete Olberic Chapter 4
• Purchase from Grieg the Unbreakable in Marsalim

• Muttering Codger in Flamesgrace

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