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This article is about the buff. For the skill of the same name, see BP Boost

Buff BP Boost.png BP Boost is a Buff in Octopath Traveler.


For the duration of the effect, innate BP regeneration is improved to 2 BP per turn, instead of 1. Note that you do not innately regenerate BP in the turn following the use of any boosted ability. Additional casts of the same spell stack the duration additively, up to a maximum of 9 turns.


Buff BP Boost.png BP Boost is caused by the Starseer skill with the same name, BP Boost.

Skill Job Target SP Cost Duration
BP Boost Starseer Single Ally 25 2 turns


Buff BP Boost.png BP Boost is prevented with Debuff Celestial Intervention.png Celestial Intervention (Enemy).