"This is Atlasdam, the largest city in all of the Flatlands. It is a city of learning, where many scholars come for the purpose's of study and research." —Guard at Atlasdam's entrance

Atlasdam is a major town in Octopath Traveler, located within the Flatlands. The town borders the Frostlands to the north and the Coastlands to the south. The town serves as the starting point to the story Cyrus Albright, who is an esteemed professor at the Royal Academy of Atlasdam. Atlasdam is considered a city of learning, where many scholars come for the purposes of study and research.


Atlasdam is a bustling castle city protected by an outer wall. To the south, the bustling castle town can be found where several inhabitants live. The area includes an Inn, a Provisioner, a Tavern, and an Armorer. To the north, the Royal Place can be found alongside the Royal Library and Royal Academy of Atlasdam.

The Royal Academy contains several lecture halls and administrative offices, including the office of Headmaster Yvon. The Royal Library contains several ancient tomes from years past, but a select few have been missing for a number of years.


Armorer Building ArmorerEdit

The Armorer can be found in the Castle Town in the southern area of Astladam.

Type Name Price Description
Type Polearms Arcane Glaive 2,400 Phys. Atk. +36
Elem. Atk. +38
Type Staves Light Staff 800 Phys. Atk. +8
Elem. Atk. +24
Type Staves Quartz Rod 2,400 Phys. Atk. +12
Elem. Atk. +38
Evasion +10
Type Staves Oak Staff 8,000 Phys. Atk. +16
Elem. Atk. +68
Type Staves Mage's Staff * 18,000 Phys. Atk. +62
Elem. Atk. +98
Item Shields Round Shield 600 Phys. Def. +13
Elem. Def. +15
Item Shields Sturdy Shield 900 Phys. Def. +20
Item Headgear Pointed Hat 540 Phys. Def. +9
Elem. Def. +21
Elem. Atk. +8
Item Headgear Circlet 1,050 Phys. Def. +15
Elem. Def. +25
Max. SP +15
Item Body Armor Linen Robe 960 Phys. Def. +13
Elem. Def. +33
Elem. Atk. +8
Item Body Armor Sturdy Armor 2,550 Phys. Def. +42
Item Body Armor Fur Coat * 14,400 Phys. Def. +112
Elem. Def. +112
Item Accessories Empowering Earring * 360 Max. HP +50
Item Accessories Stimulating Earring * 360 Max. SP +10
* - Inquire/Scrutinize: More Plentiful Provisions / New Weapons for Sale

Provisioner Building ProvisionerEdit

The Provisioner can be found in the Castle Town in the southern area of Astladam.

Type Name Price Description
Item Grapes Healing Grape 50 Restores HP to a single ally.
Item Plums Inspiriting Plum 240 Restores SP to a single ally.
Item Olives Olive of Life 500 Revives and restores HP to single fallen ally.
Item Herbs Herb of Clamor 30 Cures a single ally of silence.
Item Herbs Herb of Light 30 Cures a single ally of blindness.
Item Herbs Herb of Revival 30 Revives a single unconscious ally.


Major NPCs Edit

Minor NPCs Edit

Atlasdam Edit

Flatlands-guard                      Guard
Riverlands-man                      Townsperson
Highlands-girl                      Spirited Girl
Flatlands-man                      Capable Culinarian
Flatlands-man                      Capable Culinarian (Fit For a King Completed)
Woodlands-old-man                      Erstwhile Retainer
Flatlands-woman                      Calm Woman
Riverlands-man                      Shifty Moneylender
Flatlands-man                      Theracio
Highlands-woman                      Youth's Mother
Highlands-woman                      Youth's Mother (The Adventuring Life Challenge/Provoke Route)
Highlands-woman                      Youth's Mother (The Adventuring Life Guide/Allure Route)
Highlands-merchant                      Obstinate Merchant
Cliftlands-bandits                      Crest Bearing Drunk
Flatlands-girl                      Girl
Flatlands-boy                      Boy
Highlands-man                      Tavern Patron
Flatlands-guard                      Tavern Patron
Flatlands-man                      Dan
Flatlands-man                      Dan (Tilling at Windmills Guide/Allure Route)
Flatlands-old-woman                      Slender Farmer (Tilling at Windmills Guide/Allure Route)
Flatlands-man                      Apothecary

Atlasdam Palace Gate Edit

Flatlands-guard                      Guard
Flatlands-guard                      Guard
Flatlands-knight                      Enthusiastic Youth
Flatlands-knight                      Enthusiastic Youth (The Adventuring Life Challenge/Provoke Route)
Flatlands-guard                      Guardsman
Flatlands-guard                      Guardsman (Cyrus Chapter 1 Complete)
Flatlands-merchant                      Merchant
Flatlands-merchant                      Merchant (Cyrus Chapter 1 Complete)
Flatlands-old-woman                      Elderly Woman
Sunlands-man                      Know-it-all Milo
Sunlands-man                      Know-it-all Milo (On the Precipice Inquire/Scrutinize Route)
Riverlands-merchant                      Handsome Minstrel
Riverlands-merchant                      Handsome Minstrel (Performance Art Inquire/Scrutinize Route)
Flatlands-woman                      Passionate Reader
Flatlands-woman                      Passionate Reader (City of Gold Complete)
Woodlands-man                      Astute Official (Zeph and Mercedes (II) Completed)

Atlasdam Palace Edit

Flatlands-guard                      Guard
Flatlands-guard                      Guard
Flatlands-guard                      Guard
Nobleman                      Art Lover
Nobleman                      Art Lover (The Prodigious Painting Steal/Purchase Route)
Nobleman                      Art Lover (The Prodigious Painting Guide/Allure Route)
Riverlands-man                      Landscape Artist (The Prodigious Painting Guide/Allure Route)
Riverlands-boy                      Artist's Brother (The Prodigious Painting Guide/Allure Route)
Flatlands-boy                      Boy

Inner LocationsEdit


The Royal Academy of Atlasdam is a major educational institution found in Atlasdam, located within the Flatlands. The academy serves as a prestigious area of higher learning, where scholars and students confer for the quest of higher knowledge. Cyrus Albright serves as an esteemed professor of the academy, teaching Princess Mary and Therese. The academy is lead by Headmaster Yvon.

Side QuestsEdit


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