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Apothecary is a job in Octopath Traveler. It is Alfyn's primary job.

Apothecaries are versed in healing both HP and ailments, wield Axes as weapons, and learn a single Ice spell. Their healing and revival capabilities are greater than a Cleric's, at the cost of learning single-target skills instead of multi-target ones. As a result, Apothecaries work well fighting alongside Clerics, providing healing if needed or if a Cleric needs to use their Light magic that round, and vice-versa. Apothecaries are also notable for Rehabilitate, which not only cures an ally of all ailments but renders them immune to new ones for a few turns; and their fourth support skill, Heightened Healing, which increases the amount of HP/SP restored to the equipping character by +30%. As such, Apothecaries are very effective support units and niche mixed attackers.

A powerful combination is the Apothecary divine skill Dohter's Charity + Refreshing/Revitalizing Jam. If allies do not need HP/SP restored, Dohter's Charity + Energizing Pomegranate (L) is a powerful substitute. On the subject of divine skills, Apothecaries benefit greatly from the Dancer divine skill Sealticge's Seduction being cast on them, turning their single-target skills into multi-target ones for an indefinite number of turns (min. 3).

The Apothecary's second support skill, Hale and Hearty, has synergy with both the Apothecary skill Last Stand and the Warmaster's third support skill, Fortitude.


Skill Name SP Cost Damage Type Description
First Aid 4 Restore HP to a single ally.
Icicle 7 Type Ice.png Deal ice damage to a single foe.
Rehabilitate 10 Cure a single ally of all status ailments, and render them immune to further ailments for 2 turns.
Amputation 8 Type Axes.png Unleash an axe attack on a single foe.
Empoison 6 Poison a single foe for 2 turns.
Vivify 16 Revive a single incapacitated ally.
Last Stand 16 Type Axes.png Attack all foes with an axe, dealing damage inversely proportional to your current HP.
Dohter's Charity 30 [Divine Skill] For 3 turns, items used by a single chosen ally will affect all.

Support Skills[]

Skill Name Description
4 Inspiration With each successful standard attack, gain SP equal to 1% of the damage you deal.
5 Hale and Hearty Increases maximum HP by 500.
6 Resist Ailments Improves resistance to poison, sleep, confusion, blindness, silence, terror, and unconsciousness.
7 Heightened Healing Gain an additional 30% HP or SP when being healed or restored.


The Apothecary secondary job is unlocked at the Shrine of the Healer. With its mix of healing and offensive skills, the Apothecary job is fairly versatile and can be recommended to several characters.

  • Olberic is surprisingly one of the best choices for the Apothecary job, given that his primary Warrior job is strictly physical-oriented with only Incite for a supportive skill. Indeed, Apothecary Olberic benefits mostly from the stat bonuses that come with Apothecary as a secondary job: +20% HP, +1.5% Phys. Atk./Def., +1.5% Elem. Atk./Def. and +1.5% Critical. Olberic's HP, Phys. Atk./Def. and Critical stats are already either the highest or among the highest of the eight protagonists, and the Apothecary secondary job's stat bonuses turn him into a very powerful physical attacker and wall. In addition, Olberic is tied with Therion for the second-highest Accuracy of the eight protagonists after H'aanit, meaning that his powerful physical attacks are unlikely to miss. The Apothecary job's first support skill, Inspiration, can be used to restore Olberic's SP, given the high amount of physical damage he inflicts. This helps cover for Olberic's low SP stat. Apothecary Olberic gains access to Axes and Ice magic for two additional means of coverage; however, because Olberic has the lowest Elem. Atk. of the eight protagonists, Icicle is best used strictly for breaking. That said, the Apothecary skill Last Stand, which attacks all foes with an Axe and deals more damage as the user's HP decreases below 50% maximum HP, can be combined with the Apothecary's second support skill, Hale and Hearty, to let Olberic inflict massive damage. Finally, the Apothecary job's healing skills help Olberic in battle when Challenging NPCs, and can be combined with the Warrior skill Incite to let Olberic intercept enemy attacks on his allies' behalf while restoring his HP.
  • H'aanit is also a good choice to run as an Apothecary. While the Warrior secondary job gives the equipping user a +5% Phys. Atk. among its stat bonuses and might be a better choice for H'aanit overall—because she is physical attack-oriented and because her primary Hunter job already wields Axes, meaning that Apothecary H'aanit only gains Ice magic as additional coverage—the Apothecary secondary job gives a +1.5% Phys. Atk. but also a +1.5% Critical among its stat bonuses; H'aanit is tied with Olberic for the highest Phys. Atk. of the protagonists and has the highest Critical to boot. Apothecary H'aanit can use the Apothecary skills Amputation and Last Stand to deal large amounts of damage with Axes, something her primary job lacks because its offensive skills either use Bows or Lightning magic. Like Olberic, H'aanit's high Phys. Atk. lets her take advantage of the Apothecary support skill Inspiration to restore much of her SP, which helps cover for her low SP stat. In addition, H'aanit's primary job has Leghold Trap among its skills to delay the actions of her foes, letting her take advantage of the Apothecary Divine Skill, Dohter's Charity. The Hunter job's fourth support skill, Patience, can also help with this.
  • Tressa can be effective as an Apothecary because it extends her primary Merchant job's role as a utility unit, giving her both more supportive and offensive options. The Apothecary skills First Aid and Rehabilitate are very good companion skills to the Merchant skill Rest because, while Rest restores HP, SP and removes ailments simultaneously, First Aid restores much more HP (especially since Tressa is tied with Alfyn for the third-highest Elem. Def. of the eight protagonists after Ophilia and Cyrus), and Rehabilitate not only removes ailments but renders the target immune to new ailments for a few turns, making them better HP-restoring/ailment-removing skills individually. All three skills benefit from the Apothecary job's fourth support skill, Heightened Healing. Apothecary Tressa also has five different means of coverage overall: Polearms, Axes, Bows, Ice and Wind; and Tressa is tied with Alfyn and Therion for the second-highest Phys. Atk. of the eight protagonists after Olberic/H'aanit (tied), and also has the third-highest Elem. Atk. of the eight protagonists after Cyrus and Ophilia/Primrose (tied).
  • Therion can also be effective as an Apothecary for similar reasons to Tressa; namely, it extends his primary Thief job's role as a utility unit, giving him both more supportive and offensive options. Therion is able to use the Thief skill Share SP to share his own SP with an ally and Steal SP to attack a foe with Daggers and restore his own SP. The Apothecary job's healing skills let Therion not only restore an ally's HP but cure and prevent ailments. In addition, Therion has the second-highest Speed of the eight protagonists after Primrose, meaning that he can make good use of Dohter's Charity. Finally, Apothecary Therion has five different means of coverage overall: Swords, Daggers, Axes, Fire and Ice, and he is tied with Tressa and Alfyn for the second-highest Phys. Atk. of the eight protagonists after Olberic/H'aanit (tied), though he is also tied with Alfyn and H'aanit for the second-lowest Elem. Atk. after Olberic.
  • Ophilia can have a niche Apothecary role because her primary Cleric job is support-oriented and lacks an ailment-removing skill like Rehabilitate. Apothecary Ophilia gains access to Axes and Ice magic in addition to her primary job's Staves and Light magic, and she is tied with Primrose for the second-highest Elem. Atk. of the eight protagonists after Cyrus. Having the highest Elem. Def. of the eight protagonists means that Ophilia restores a lot of HP with her healing spells. The Apothecary job's third and fourth support skills, Resist Ailments and Heightened Healing respectively, are also useful to unlock for Ophilia, given her support-oriented playstyle. However, the Cleric job already comes with AoE healing and revival spells, and Ophilia is also tied with Primrose for the second-lowest Phys. Atk. of the eight protagonists after Cyrus, so she can't take full advantage of the Apothecary job's Axe skills.
  • As far as support skills go, besides the staple Saving Grace, recommended support skills for Apothecaries include: Hang Tough, SP Saver, Summon Strength (early-game), Surpassing Power (late-game), The Show Goes On, Second Wind, Hale and Hearty (early-game), Resist Ailments, Eagle Eye (early-game), Second Serving, Patience, BP Eater, Divine Aura, Fortitude and Physical Prowess.
  • As far as weapons go, the Double Tomahawk and Battle-tested Axe are good weapons for Apothecaries; the former lets them attack twice in a single action for every Standard Attack, while the latter increases the power of the user's Ice and Lightning spells (both Apothecaries and Hunters have a single Ice and Lightning spell between them).


Main article: Shrine of the Healer

The Shrine of the Healer may be found in the East Saintsbridge Traverse, along the Southeast route East of Saintsbridge

Notable Apothecaries[]


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