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"Honor's all well and good, but it doesn't buy you much." —Albus

Albus, also known as the Right Hand of the Crow, is a character in Octopath Traveler. He is a former guard captain who eventually betrayed and participated in the murder of his friend Geoffrey Azelhart, and now bears the mark of the crow on his right arm. He is the secondary antagonist of Primrose’s story, and is the boss of her Chapter 3.



Albus is a muscular man with black hair, and bears the mark of the crow on his right arm. He wears an eyepatch over his right eye. He also wears a long black cloak tied across his torso with a knotted chord and torn at the sleeves to reveal the mark, a black attire, two leather belts, and leather boots. His battle sprite depicts him wielding a sickle in his right hand.


Albus is initially described by Revello Forsythe as “the most just and honorable man I've been privileged to know”, who was killed by the Obsidians for refusing to join them. In reality, Albus had become frustrated that his honor as Geoffrey’s right-hand man and captain of the city watch in Noblecourt wasn’t earning him as much money as he wanted, and is a very greedy, selfish and manipulative man who eventually switched sides to the Obsidians in secret for personal financial gain. He was willing to betray his friend Geoffrey to the Obsidians if it meant obtaining more money and power for himself.

During Primrose’s pre-battle confrontation with him, Albus is also shown to be cynical to the point of being heartlessly spiteful, cruelly mocking her deceased father Geoffrey for staying true to his ideals and getting killed for refusing to co-operate with the Obsidians, saying that his death “goes to show what the faith of a fool is worth”. Albus supposedly decided to mock his former friend in front of the latter’s daughter for no purpose other than his own sadistic amusement. This ironically leads to his own demise when Primrose ends the conversation in disgust and fights him to the death, declaring that Albus does not deserve to live for what he did to her father.

It is implied during the confrontation that there was a time when Albus really was a just and honorable man as Revello had said, but had an ambition to make more money and lacked a strong will to keep believing he could ward off the Obsidians during his days as captain of the city watch, which eventually motivated him to join the very crime syndicate he had pledged to protect Noblecourt’s people from.


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The following section contains potential story spoilers!

Albus was the former captain of the city watch in Noblecourt. He was said to be a privileged and honored man who served as Geoffrey Azelhart’s right hand, but was believed to have been murdered by the Obsidians before they seized the city watch. In reality, he was with the Obsidians himself.

10 years prior to the events of Octopath Traveler, Albus sold out Geoffrey to the Obsidians for possessing knowledge about the Gate of Finis. Simeon, himself, and Rufus then murdered Geoffrey, leading to the destruction of House Azelhart and allowing Albus to seize power in Noblecourt.

Later on, he is confronted by a now-adult Primrose and his former friend and second-in-command Revello, to the shock of the latter. After a battle between Primrose and her companions, he is defeated and killed.


Albus will begin battle alone, but will increase his actions per turn to 2 in the earlier half of the battle. At 50% health, he will use Human Shield, which summons 2 Obsidian Officers to his side and locks all of his weaknesses.

Albus has attacks that inflict blindness and may incapacitate allies inflicted with blindness. Equipping allies with a Bright Stone or Vivifying Stone is recommended.

  • Attack: Physical attack, single attack.
  • Shoulder Smash: Heavy physical attack, single target. Inflicts Debuff Decreased Physical Attack.png Decreased Physical Attack to target for 2 turns.
  • Eye Gouge: Physical attack, single target. Inflicts Status Blindness.png Blindness for 2-5 turns.
  • Flay Skin: Physical attack, random allies. Hits 4-6 times.
  • Death to the Unseeing: Effect. Incapacitates all allies afflicted with Status Blindness.png Blindness. Only used if at least one ally is afflicted with blindness.
    • The effect will be nullified on targets equipped with Vivifying Stone Equip: Prevents instant death.
    • The effect cannot be reflected through skills such as Reflective Veil nor avoided through Sidestep.
  • Settle down, you whelps!: Used once Albus reaches 60% of his maximum HP. Albus increases his actions per turn to two.
  • Human Shield: Used once Albus reaches 50% oh his maximum HP. Summons 2 Obsidian Officers.
    • Albus is using his lackey as a human shield...: Used only immediately after the first usage of Human Shield. Seals all of Albus's weaknesses.
      • Albus is defenseless!: Used once both Obsidian Officers have been defeated. Unlocks all of Albus's weaknesses.
    • But Albus's men can fight no more...: No effect. Subsequent usage of Human Shield fails.
  • I'll show you true darkness... // Albus brandishes his dagger ominously...: Albus enters boost mode for 1 turn. Uses Eye Slash if not broken before Albus's next turn.
    • Eye Slash: Charges for 1 turn. Physical attack, targets entire party. Chance to inflict Status Blindness.png Blindness for 2-3 turns.


"I'll show you true darkness..." —Before using Eye Slash

"There's a fire in your eyes, girl. Yes... it reminds me of the fire in your father's eyes when he faced his end. I am Albus, proud bearer of the mark of the crow. Come at me, Primrose Azelhart! I will see that you meet the same fate as your dear father." ~Albus' monologue before attacking Primrose Azelhart



  • The surname Albus means white in Latin. This is somewhat ironic in that Albus’s moves are themed around blindness, or blackness.
    • Corvus albus is the scientific name of the pied crow.
  • Albus bears a strong resemblance to King Bradley from Fullmetal Alchemist. Incidentally, both King Bradley and Albus are seemingly honorable men on the surface, but are secretly in cahoots with the main antagonists, the Homunculi and the Obsidians respectively.

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